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The Grand Faction War Tournament

Community Event Tournament

Time: 03:00 PM, Saturday, September 15th (UTC)

Original Time: 11:00 AM, Saturday, September 15th (America/Kentucky/Louisville)


Organizer: Lodge of Sorceresses

Announcing the GRAND FACTION WAR! This 64-player tournament will lock participants into a faction of their choice in a fight to the triumphant end. The Grand Faction War is a two day, online tournament scheduled for September 15th and 16th, with Swim and Jaggerous casting the Top 8 on livestream on Sunday the 16th!

READ THE RULES here! (Seriously, this is not the usual tournament format!) --

1st Place – 5 Steam Keys, 1200 Meteorite Powder, and a piece of memorabilia, swag, or art specific to the winner’s faction
2nd Place – 3 Steam Keys, 800 Meteorite Powder
3rd Place – 3 Steam Keys, 400 Meteorite Powder
4th Place – 3 Steam Keys

Please contact Ammers#4431 to get on the waitlist for a spot in the tournament.