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Events This Week

Faction Chat Season 1 Episode 3: Nilfgaard

Talk Show

Time: 04:00 PM, Sunday, September 16th (UTC)

Original Time: 06:00 PM, Sunday, September 16th (Europe/Warsaw)

Link: www.twitch.tv/TeamLeviathanGaming

Organizer: Team Leviathan Gaming

Faction Chat Season 1 Episode 3: Nilfgaard


Come join Team Leviathan Gaming for Episode 3 of Faction Chat: Nilfgaard. Our hosts BeardyBog & KingChezzy will be joined by TLG team member Gorflow & Winner of Gwent Slam/Open #2/Challenger #2 Freddybabes of Complexity Gaming. Live on the TLG Twitch Channel.



Twitter: @LeviathanTlg

Discord: https://discord.gg/uSUSJZr

Twitch: www.twitch.tv/TeamLeviathanGaming