This GWENT Meta Snapshot, created by Team Aretuza and Team Nova, attempts to establish the best decks to play on Ranked Ladder and Pro Rank, given the current state of the metagame, in order to maximize the chances of winning games and climbing.

Every deck is accompanied by a short text explaining a little bit about the archetype, showing the reasons for placing it in its tier alongside the pros and cons of the deck and a tech section. 

As the meta continues to shift, we will consistently update our Snapshot as well as add more decks in the following days and weeks. Updates are announced on our Discord and Twitter.



Writers: AdzikovJamedi, JMJWilson23
Consultants: Adzikov, Brazilianbeast, DamorquisGwent2town, Jamedi, JMJWilson23, Kara_Lisa, Miketocome, Molegion, Poisound, Santtu2x
Editors: Easha Dustfeather, lordgort, Lothari, SwanDive
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Tier 1

Decks in this tier have favourable matchups against the majority of lower tier decks and some favourable matchups against other Tier 1 lists. Another criterion is that these decks should be able to win against lower-tier decks on blue coin most of the time.


Tier 2

Decks in this tier can beat Tier 1 decks if the player can access its full potential, or are strong decks with a clear counter; in addition, these decks should win consistently against lower tiers.


Tier 3

Decks in this tier are generally viable for normal ladder and for some cheesy picks at tournaments. These decks can surprise opponents and win matches, but without that surprise factor their potential is significantly reduced. A deck at this tier should lose against Tier 1 and Tier 2 decks the majority of the time


Honorable Mentions

Decks that aren't strong enough to be tiered, but with enough potential to be much better with the adequate support cards. These kind of decks are always worth keeping an eye on.

Patch Overview

The five new faction leaders introduced to Gwent with the Thronebreaker Leaders Update at the beginning of the month have had a mixed impact on the Gwent meta, while nerfs to some familiar faces have left more room for a wider variety of played cards.

Published: 15 February 2019 (Patch:


This deck relies on the same core principle as Big Woodland but instead uses Gernichora's ability to get extra Thrive value from its Fruits, improving our long round while not losing too much in short ones. Giant units, such as Old SpeartipCount Caldwell and Golyat, represent our tempo plays in Round 1 or 3 as well as a carryover in the form of our graveyard consumptionsGernichora’s Fruits protect us from different removal effects in some matchups, like against Unseen Elder. In summary, we are playing an improved giants deck whose long round is better and which carries extra removal for engine matchups.


Essential Cards

There is no one card that this deck relies on. That being said, our giants are our principal tempo plays and our Round 3 point carryover in the form of graveyard consumption with Ghoul. Cards like CyclopsBrewess and Celaeno Harpy proc our Deathwish units and enable us to rid ourselves of Gernichora’s Fruit when it is too big to continue Thriving.



  • Because of our giants, we are capable of huge point swings, while our Thrives represent engines which can increase our points exponentially.
  • Superb short round, which enhances our ability of bleeding in Round 2


  • Zero interaction with our opponent's side of the board, which makes us vulnerable to engine-based decks, such as The Queen of Engines
  • If we rely too much on our Consumes, we are vulnerable to Resets and Scorch effects.


Tech Choices

  • Count CaldwellDorregaray of Vole ⇒ Adda: StrigaImlerith's Wrath
  • Golyat ⇒ Naglfar
  • Gernichora, Harpy Egg, Celaeno Harpy, Werecat ⇒ Woodland Spirit, Wild Hunt Hound, Forktail, Naglfar

Removing Count Caldwell and Dorregaray of Vole from our deck makes our tempo plays weaker; however, by adding some control sources in the form of Adda: Striga, whose effect will always be triggered as we are running giants, and Imlerith's Wrath, we improve our matchups against engine decks.

Another option is swapping Golyat for Naglfar, granting us extra consistency and thinning in our deck, which is one of our weaknesses.

This deck can also be played using Woodland Spirit as the leader with some additional changes in the list to compensate for the increase in recruit cap.


Video Guide

  • Gernichora Gernichora 11 Order: Spawn and Summon Gernichora's Fruit on an allied row. Every allied turn, on turn start, refresh this ability if you do not control any Fruits.
  • 12 Old Speartip Old Speartip 15 No ability.
  • 10 Golyat Golyat 10 Deathwish: Your opponent Summons the highest unit from their deck on the opposite row.
  • 1 Ozzrel Ozzrel 9 Deploy (Melee): Consume a unit from your opponent's graveyard. Deploy (Ranged): Consume a unit from your graveyard.
  • 10 Count Caldwell Count Caldwell 8 Every allied turn, on turn end, move to the row with the highest unit on the battlefield.
  • 5 Whispess Whispess 8 Deploy: Damage an enemy unit by 2. Increase this damage by 2 whenever you play Brewess or Weavess.
  • 5 Brewess Brewess 8 Deploy: Consume 1 allied unit(s). Increase the number of targets by 1 whenever you play Whispess or Weavess.
  • 5 Weavess Weavess 8 Deploy: Boost an allied unit by 2. Increase this boost by 2 whenever you play Whispess or Brewess.
  • 5 Dorregaray of Vole Dorregaray of Vole 8 Deploy: Lock a unit.
  • 2 Werecat Werecat 7 Thrive. Deploy: Damage all enemy units on the opposite row by 1. Deathwish: Repeat the Deploy ability.
  • 5 Celaeno Harpy Celaeno Harpy 6 Deploy: Consume an allied unit.
  • 5 Cyclops Cyclops x2 6 Deploy: Destroy an adjacent allied unit and damage an enemy unit by its power.
  • 4 Wild Hunt Rider Wild Hunt Rider x2 6 Deploy, Dominance: Summon a copy of this unit from your deck to this row.
  • 1 Ghoul Ghoul 6 Deploy (Melee): Consume a bronze unit in your graveyard.
  • 4 Alpha Werewolf Alpha Werewolf 5 Immunity. Thrive.
  • 3 Harpy Egg Harpy Egg 5 Deathwish: Spawn a Harpy and Summon it to this row.
  • 2 Drowner Drowner x2 5 Thrive. Deploy: Damage an enemy unit by 2 and move it to the other row.
  • 4 Nekker Warrior Nekker Warrior x2 4 Thrive.
  • 2 Archespore Archespore x2 4 Deploy: Damage a random enemy unit by 2. Deathwish: Repeat the Deploy ability.
  • 1 Nekker Nekker x2 4 Thrive. Deploy: Spawn a base copy of this unit and Summon it to this row.