Andrzej Bal

Adzikov began to play Gwent at the start of Open Beta. He has played computer games since childhood, and always tries to compete at a high level. Before he began his Gwent adventure, he played competitively in Hearthstone, World of Warcraft, and League of Legends.

Adzikov finished as the top-ranked player in each of the first two Pro Ladder seasons and has also achieved high placings in the seasons after that. He has participated in almost all of the official CDPR Gwent Masters and GwentSlam tournaments. His goal is to get into every possible tournament and win it, especially the Gwent World Masters.

Benjamin Pfannstiel

Kolemoen has always been a fan of card games, starting with Yu-Gi-Oh in high school, then later Hearthstone, and finally beginning his Gwent journey in March 2017. Since then, he has participated in 4 Gwent Opens (winning one) and 3 Gwent Challengers, and has qualified for the upcoming Gwent World Masters event. His strength as a player lies mostly in analyzing matchups and adapting strategies. He is part of Aretuza's competitive roster and will represent the team in tournaments, as well as helping others in the team prepare for their tournament appearances.

Santeri Paananen

Santtu2x is a 22-year-old economics student from Finland. He first started Gwent during the closed beta, but only started playing at a competitive level in early 2018. While he has reached some good ladder finishes, Santtu2x is at his strongest in a tournament environment. In addition to winning many online tournaments, his achievements include placing 2nd in European Gwent Cup LAN event and reaching finals in Gwent Open #7 qualifiers. What is still missing is an appearance in an official Gwent Masters tournament, which he will seek to achieve in Gwent Masters season 2.

Maciej Kokosza

Molegion is a 21-year-old competitive player and streamer from Poland. His first official tournament was Gwent Open #6, where he faced Damorquis in the quarterfinals. Since then, his favourite Gwent card is Ointment. Working efficiently over the next months, he was a constant presence at the top of the Pro Ladder and won a qualifier for Gwent Open #8. In that tournament he reached the Top 4, falling only against the winner of the whole tournament. Molegion's life motto is "Work smart, not hard." He loves efficiency and is highly ambitious and known for being vocal with his opinions about Gwent. His biggest dream is to play in World Masters and to make it a good show.

Jiannan Zhang

EricZJN is a graduate student majoring in software engineering. A fan of card games such as SanGuoSha, he began playing Gwent in mid-2019, reached Pro Rank in his first season, and usually can be found in the Top 20. A dominant player who likes to control the game, he bedevils greedy opponents whenever they queue into him.

Dario Basic

Octopuses started playing Gwent in July 2017. He prefers decks that are more complex and require great deal of thinking. His favourite decks are Henselt NR and Spy NG. What makes Octopuses good as a player is his analytical mind set. After each loss he will go over the match in his mind to found out exactly why he lost that game, to prevent it from happening in the future. He doesn't usually blame the coin, RNG, matchup conspiracy or anything like that, but he believes that most of the losses are due to his own mistakes. He hates making mistakes and will do his best to play flawlessly one day.

Octopuses has the great ambition to be the best Gwent player out there. Every pro ladder season he greatly improves his ranking and will thrive to do so until he is number 1. He also tries to compete in as many Gwent tournaments as possible. He won few of the community tournaments already and plans to win many more.

Jonas Stoberock

Gvuardya has been playing Gwent since Closed Beta, achieving several Top 100 Pro Ladder finishes and reaching the semifinals at the Red Dragon LAN event. A lover of strategy card and board games dating back to his childhood, he entered the digital CCG genre with Hearthstone. After discovering Gwent he took his commitment to a new level. He thrives in tournament environments and is part of Team Aretuza's preparation group for competitive events, analysing past events, theorycrafting and improving lineups, finding the right queue order, and more. He plays Gwent and Artifact while keeping an eye on the further development of Dota Autochess/Underlords.

Ilias Karamanis

AndyWand is one of Aretuza's fiercest competitors. He dove into digital CCGs by playing Hearthstone on a semi-competitive basis, but Gwent Masters inspired his competitive drive. After his first major live appearance at GwentSlam #2, he won the title at Gwent Open #5 and finished as the runner-up in Gwent Challenger #4. He is becoming more and more of a card game nerd by the minute, playing CCGs like the Pokemon TCG and Shadowverse with his friends and family. He also took a deeper dive into Artifact, qualifying for WePlay! Agility. AndyWand's joyful nature makes him highly approachabe. He loves talking to people, as long as there is something to discuss deeply. It doesn't matter if it is politics, history, or card games... just leave the small talk at home.

Elias Sagmeister

Shaggy is a sociology student and gaming fanatic. Long interested in card games such as Magic: The Gathering and Hearthstone, he began his competitive career with Gwent, gaining fame by winning the Wild Card Qualifier for Gwent Open #1 and then becoming Gwent's first-ever Open Champion. After a long hiatus, Shaggy returned to Gwent with the goal of reconnecting with the Gwent community, and competing in Pro Ladder and Tournaments. He has also started streaming his endeavors on twitch.

Yinan Liu

I've always enjoyed competetive gaming. I grew up playing chess and the first games I played at a decent level were Starcraft 2 (high masters) and League of Legends (dia1). My card game experience before Artifact is mostly Hearthstone and Faeria. in HS, I've reached top 100 legend a couple of times but never played in any tournaments. In Faeria, I'm one of the top players and have won about 3k in prize money.

Mack Marcotte

"Mack (he/they) is just a nerd who can't turn his brain off. By sheer curiosity and inability to stop grinding at whatever caught his attention, Mack had a Master's degree in Philosophy of Science by 23, and a masters rank in Legends of Runeterra by 24. While doing his BA, Mack captained his university's Dota team, and from there moved back to his childhood sweetheart of card games when Artifact was announced. Since then he's toured the popular CCGs and landed on the budding love of his life, Runeterra. Today he continues to work hard on a PhD, and on Runeterra content; after all, variety is the spice of life. Mack likes to come at you from left field, whether that's backing bizarre views in his writing, playing off-meta aggro decks that pack surprises, or trying his own spin on whatever field most recently crossed his eyeline."