Website Administrator

Discord: kachna96#0668

Ondrej Kacmar

Gwent was the first CCG kachna ever played, and despite being a newbie in this realm, he became a competitive player with multiple Top 500 finishes at the start of Gwent's Open Beta. Later he transitioned to building and maintaining the Team Aretuza website. If he's not busy fighting with management or bashing pesky bugs, you can find him memeing on the Ranked Ladder with Imlerith: Sabbath or Grave Hag.

Website Administrator

Dalton Woods

Dalton is a web designer and developer who has had a love for card games since his early teens. While once a huge fan of shooters, as his bones grew older and the youthful reflexes faded, turn-based strategy became more attractive-- so he traveled the lands, far and wide, of many card games and happily found home in Gwent. He assists with several technical and visual aspects of Team Aretuza.

PR Manager

Kelly Brantley

Callonetta’s foray into card games was a slow burn. As a submissions editor by day and a gamer by night, she became passionate about The Witcher. This led her to delve into Gwent during Closed Beta as a way to stay attached to the lore, which then blossomed into a near obsession with connecting people who played the game. When she isn’t moonlighting as a butler for her two Dachshunds, she heads up Gwent Masters Worldwide and spends much of her time fostering relationships within the community. Her goal is to bring people closer together who share a passion for games and to push content that can aid the casual player. With Team Aretuza, she hopes to continue creating spaces for players to unite, while providing exceptional content to those who love playing card games.