Daniel Kruželák

Currently, Danman233 is working on his degree in Philosophy and also at the same time he is fully focused on Gwent! Before Gwent, he never really got into competitive gaming. However, he used to play almost every CCG known to man as well as MOBAs and RPGs. He started playing the game shortly after Closed beta and immediately fell in love with it. After one week of playing he reached top 100 with Eredin (god bless CB weather) and ever since he remained a constant name at the top of the ladder. Throughout the seasons he participated in several community tournaments and won a couple of them too.

Green Cricket
Michael Tisler

Working as a Game Designer in real life, Cricket was always drawn to games, which you can win by doing smart calculations and decisionmaking instead of luck. In Gwent, he found exactly what he was searching for and since he played his first card, he was hooked.
Now he is streaming every day and improving every season, so beware of the day when you can find him on top of the ladder.

Aaron Koch

An actuary by day, unrepentant roper by night, and the Wild Hunt #2 NA LAN Champion, Kochua takes a highly quantitative and analytical approach to competitive card games. He discovered Gwent in October 2017 and was an instant convert, won over by the game's complexity and depth of strategy. Since then, he has compiled several top-50 Pro Ladder finishes while balancing work, life, and a never-ending stream of statistics. Kochua provides the team with editorial support, with a goal of making Aretuza the leading source of competitive Gwent content. He also helps the team in its constant search for an analytical edge, and in the meantime tries some of his crazier theories out on the Pro Ladder.

John Dale Beety

"Professional hobbyist" lordgort makes his money helping others enjoy their leisure, whether as an auction catalog writer, copy editor for a Magic: The Gathering strategy site, or game show contestant (lifetime winnings: $5000). A Magic columnist for seven years, in 2018 he turned to Gwent, swiftly reaching the Pro ranks. With Team Aretuza, he seeks to help all — watchers, readers, writers, streamers — discover their potential and improve in ways they never expected.

Nate Coley

Mortheous has been playing CCG'S since finding Magic: The Gathering in middle school. After playing the Witcher 3 Gwent he had been excited about its standalone release and has been playing since the tail end of closed beta. Mortheous has a degree in Music Industry which allows him a unique outlook on the technical side of content creation.

Johanna Preisendörfer

As a big fan of the Witcher franchise, SwanDive is always on the lookout for her next Witcher fix. She started playing Gwent in the Closed Beta for the lore – and stayed for the game and the community. Long an avid gamer, Swan found her passion for CCGs and competitive gaming at the Gwent table. Away from it, Swan is studying for her Master’s degree in English and working as content manager for Team Aretuza.