Daniel Morkisch

Daniel is a behavioural economics student with a passion for complex card games. Being a huge fan of the Witcher lore quickly ignited his passion for Gwent. Enjoying game theory and biased thinking in real life, he appreciates the high skill cap in Gwent; in particular the way how much skill is rewarded and mistakes are getting punished within the gameplay. As team manager he focuses on providing the best environment for competitive players and all organisational matters. Nevertheless, he qualified for Gwent Open #4 and #5, thanks to his efficiency based game approach.

Henno De Baar

Henno is the founder of Team Aretuza and a lover of collectable card games. He gets the most joy out of building unusual or weaker decks and trying to make them work. He is a social worker in real life, and enjoys managing the social aspects of Team Aretuza. Henno is a decent Gwent player (at least that’s what he says when you ask him). His goal in Gwent is to make Team Aretuza as successful as possible.

Johanna Preisendörfer

As a big fan of the Witcher franchise, SwanDive is always on the lookout for her next Witcher fix. She started playing Gwent in the Closed Beta for the lore – and stayed for the game and the community. Long an avid gamer, Swan found her passion for CCGs and competitive gaming at the Gwent table. Away from it, Swan is studying for her Master’s degree in English and working as content manager for Team Aretuza.

Dalton Woods

Dalton is a web designer and developer who has had a love for card games since his early teens. While once a huge fan of shooters, as his bones grew older and the youthful reflexes faded, turn-based strategy became more attractive-- so he traveled the lands, far and wide, of many card games and happily found home in Gwent. He assists with several technical and visual aspects of Team Aretuza.

Ondrej Kacmar

The saltiest czech Gwent player right after JJPasak. Takes Gwent seriously, never GGs, always surrenders. “Dagon is a way of life!”.
Apart from being the master memer, Kachna is the technical backbone of the team and is in charge of its online representation.  

Javier Navarro Berbel

Chew is an avid Gwent player, who takes joy in always trying to win. His adventure with Gwent started in the days of Closed Beta, and his passion for the game hasn't dropped one bit since then. He is currently the Human Resources Manager for Team Aretuza. As a dirty meta abuser, he has played every OP faction out there but enjoys the most leading a Temerian army since the days of The Witcher 3. An Aerospace Engineer, Chew likes to think through every play. He has played Magic: The Gathering competitively in the past, as well as been several times in the top ranks of Hearthstone, but has since left behind his dark past to focus on the best game of them all.

Micah Barclay Stump

Micah Barclay Stump is excited for the future of Gwent and Team Aretuza. Micah has been playing Gwent since closed beta and believes in the power of meme. You want Reaver Hunters to be viable? Good luck. But that’s what Micah has been trying to pull off since the great Henselt nerf. Besides meme-ing in Gwent, Micah loves marketing and everything that comes with it. Working together to build a community around this awesome game is only the start of what Team Aretuza has to offer the Gwent scene. Outside of the world of gaming Micah spends his time working as the Director of Marketing for a company in beautiful Colorado.