Henry Fang

Shinmiri2 has been playing Gwent since Closed Beta and consistently finished top 500 ranked ladder as well as top 200 pro ladder. His favourite thing about Gwent is how you can almost always pinpoint the reason or misplay that caused you to win or lose a game, which is vital to improving. He loved playing competitive strategy games all of his life. Before Gwent he used to be a top-tier Dota1 player and has played on teams such as Meet Your Makers and compLexity.

Anna McDougall

Apero is an Australian streamer based in Germany who streams Gwent and is known for her quirky, extroverted, and positive style. Her gaming background includes work as a poker tournament director and caster, as well as extensive experience with MMORPG Nexus TK: Kingdom of the Winds and The Settlers of Catan. She mainly prides herself on her expertise as a performer and entertainer, including her work as a professional opera singer. She is optimistic about Gwent's future and aims to increase her involvement in casting and hosting Gwent events both online and offline.

Mark Gibson

Markthius is an experienced CCG player coming from the competitive scene in Hearthstone. Having been closely attuned to Gwent since Open Beta, Markthius’s style of play would be best described as aggressive, while specializing in home-brew deck builds of his own design. A talented entertainer, he masterfully weaves high-level gameplay with viewer interaction to create a unique streaming experience on Twitch. Often hovering around the Scoia'tael and Monsters factions, he is the architect of the Dwarven “Drunk Bahookies” list that has seen success at high levels of the ladder. Though his competitive acumen includes a mainstage victory at the first Wild Hunt tournament in Philadelphia, his involvement in the Gwent culture is far-reaching, having been the producer of several successful podcasts, stream events, and advertising campaigns. His Gwent goals are to achieve a finish in the top 50 on the Pro Ladder, with aspirations to appear at a Gwent Masters event. 

Jonathan Silvestre

Logan already loved card games like Pokémon, yu-gi-oh and many more when he was young. After having played a little bit of HS without any competitive intention, Gwent in Witcher 3 gave Logan a new interest of card game, and he was as motivated as he was before with Triple Triad. Sometime after he finished the Witcher 3 a Facebook ad told him about closed beta Gwent, and since then he played a billion games. He managed to win a few French tournaments and was finalist of other international tournaments. His goal now is to qualify for one of the huge tournaments by performing well on pro ladder or qualifier.