Henry Fang

Shinmiri2 has been playing Gwent since Closed Beta and consistently finished in the Top 100 of Pro Rank. He is known for his educational streaming style as well as being an official analyst at Gwent Challenger. His favourite thing about Gwent is how you can almost always pinpoint the reason or misplay that caused you to win or lose a game, which is vital to improving. He has loved playing competitive strategy games all his life. Before Gwent he was a top-tier Dota player and has competed on teams such as Meet Your Makers and compLexity.

Michael J. Bock

Crozyr is a 25-year old German Potato Knight who started his journey through the magical lands of Gwenterino during Closed Beta in 2016. When he isn't enjoying thicc Gravy, he has a passion for streaming, climbing the ladder or making new potato memes. Having been consistently achieving top 100 ladder placements for over eighteen months in a row, he has been improving at the game steadily, aiming for higher placements with each season as well as an eventual tournament qualification.

Ryan Schou

Ryan is a student in his 20s who found his love for Gwent and Twitch at the Gamescom Gwent booth in 2016. Since then, he has seen many Gwentastic seasons come and go and has made several Grandmaster/Pro-Rank finishes. Driven by the urge to entertain people and build communities, streaming and content creation is the perfect way to spread his positive view on life and make people smile. Because of his studies (Media-culture) combined with the natural high that he gets from working/acting/entertaining in front of an audience, he sees himself working in the entertainment industry at some point, maybe even the esports scene (big fan of the Gwent and League of Legends pro scene). In his free time, he loves listening to music and watching good movies, so don't hesitate to tell him all about your favorite album or movie!

Luke Anderson

Zade is a recent enthusiast of Gwent, who only started to seriously play the game at the start of 2019. Coming off years of daily Hearthstone, he was no stranger to the world of online card games, and Gwent’s presentation, lore, and narrative base from The Witcher 3 were easily enough to pull him away! Zade began streaming around the same time, so it was the perfect opportunity to learn the game, be productive, and start to build a community. In April of 2019, he had the opportunity to take a shot at making online content creation his full-time job, and Gwent is at the forefront of that endeavour – as well as being backed by a couple of YouTube channels, and freelance media work. Zade focuses on having fun with the stream and Gwent above all else, so don’t be surprised to see him playing less than competitive decks if he’s having a good time with it! Zade has multiple Pro Rank finishes under his belt, and loves being able to help out new players looking to learn the game.

Cecilia Ackermann

Ceely is a 22-year-old from Finland with a hearty hankerin' for Gwent. She found the game through her love for the Witcher universe. Not having played any CCGs before, she was sceptical, but instantly fell in love with Gwent when she first played the game in its Open Beta version. She currently plays Gwent in Pro Rank, where she is continuously looking to learn and improve her gameplay. Ceely feels like she's in her element while streaming. That's when she gets to know new amazing people and their interests while playing a game she truly enjoys. She is fluent in Finnish, Swedish and English and enjoys learning about languages and different cultures in general. If you decide to stop by her stream, make sure to say hi and have a good time!

Anna J. McDougall

Apero made herself known in 2018 through her passion for the beta Gwent community, as well as for hosting the GwenTalk talk show and casting community tournaments. A former opera singer turned web developer, she lives in Germany but originally comes from Sydney, Australia. Apero is known for her quirky style, upbeat attitude, and loud laughter, but also prides herself on being a fast learner and a sharp wit. She returned to Aretuza Esports in September 2019 after a year of maternity leave, and is quickly catching up on the full release and all it has to offer. Apero and her herd of dugongs proudly serve the Empire.

Jonathan Silvestre

Logan already loved card games like Pokémon, yu-gi-oh and many more when he was young. After having played a little bit of HS without any competitive intention, Gwent in Witcher 3 gave Logan a new interest of card game, and he was as motivated as he was before with Triple Triad. Sometime after he finished the Witcher 3 a Facebook ad told him about closed beta Gwent, and since then he played a billion games. He managed to win a few French tournaments and was finalist of other international tournaments. His goal now is to qualify for one of the huge tournaments by performing well on pro ladder or qualifier.