Deck Guide: Foltest Commandos Game Icon

By Shinmiri2, August 7, 2019


Hi, I'm shinmiri2, and here is an in-depth deck guide on Foltest Commandos, an archetype that I have thoroughly enjoyed playing for the last couple…

Deck Guide: Francesca Dwarves Game Icon

By Shinmiri2, July 13, 2019


Looking to play some dorfs? Shinmiri2 has your back with a fresh take on his Filavandrel Dwarves deck! Here you'll find a solid decklist, game guide,…

Gwent Deck Guide - Filavandrel Good Stuff Game Icon

By Shinmiri2, March 12, 2019


This time, we're looking at a Scoia'tael deck that's powerful and easy to learn. The lessons in this deck guide regarding good cards vs bad cards and…

Gwent Deck Guide - Miracle Bran Game Icon

By Shinmiri2, March 1, 2019


It's only the first day of the patch, but I might dare proclaim this Miracle Bran (a reference to Miracle Rogue from HS) a top tier deck. It has a…

Gwent Deck Guide - Bran Lippy Uma Game Icon

By Shinmiri2, February 23, 2019


Shinmiri's latest video deck guide features an insanely fun and very unique Bran Lippy Uma deck. It is powerful and consistent, yet unpredictable at…