Aretuza Report # 14 Game Icon

By Luis, September 14, 2020

Welcome to Aretuza Report # 14. This week's report features an updated batch of journey decks, new members, and an interview with Redrame. 

Legends of Runeterra Meta Snapshot #1: Call of the Mountain Game Icon

By multiple authors, September 7, 2020


Team Aretuza brings you the most detailed Meta Snapshot for Legends of Runeterra yet.

Aretuza Report # 13 Game Icon

By Luis, September 3, 2020

Welcome to the thirteenth Aretuza Report. This week we welcome two new members to the team, and chat with Tournaments and Events Manager Phoenix…

Aretuza Report # 11 Game Icon

By Luis, August 19, 2020

Welcome to the eleventh Aretuza report. This report covers decks for week 3 of the Journey, team membership, and an interview with Apero. 

Aretuza Report # 8 Game Icon

By Luis, July 28, 2020


Welcome to our eighth Aretuza Report. 

Aretuza Report # 7 Game Icon

By Luis, July 21, 2020


Welcome to our seventh Aretuza Report. 

Aretuza Report # 2 Game Icon

By Luis, June 15, 2020


Welcome to our second Aretuza Report. This report focuses on the newly announced Master Mirror expansion, the Gwent Summer Festival, and much more.

I Reached Pro Rank! Now What? Game Icon

By lordgort, April 23, 2019


Congratulations, and don't panic! lordgort covers the basics of Pro Rank: competing in Pro Rank, staying there, going for Crown Points, and earning…

GwenTalk Episode 7 with Jaggerous and AndyWand | Hosted by… Game Icon

By Team Aretuza, September 6, 2018


GwentTalk episode 7 is all about Challenger 4 and the homecoming video that was shown there. Apero is back as host with Crozyr beside her as Co-host,…

GwenTalk Episode 4 with Burza and Ammers | Hosted by Apero… Game Icon

By Team Aretuza, July 25, 2018


Episode 4 of GwenTalk featuring CDPR’s community manager Pawel Burza and Lodge of soceresses founder Ammers.

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