GwenTalk Episode 6 with Ashlizzlle and GameKing | Hosted by… Game Icon

By Danman233, August 23, 2018


GwenTalk Episode 6 takes a look at the next Challenger event and the future of the Gwent pro scene. Hosted by Markthius and Dutchboy, they are joined…

Post Gwent Open 5 interview with AndyWand Game Icon

By Danman233, June 4, 2018


After two weeks, Gwent Open 5 is still fresh in our memories and we decided to provide you with a short tournament recap from the perspective of…

Gwent Arena Guide Series - Part 2 - Adaptive drafting Game Icon

By Merano, May 8, 2018


The chapter adaptive drafting will give guidance on how to adapt the card evaluations in the decks context. For every positive synergy a card will be…

Gwent Arena Guide Series - Part 1 - Preemptive drafting Game Icon

By Merano, May 1, 2018


The hunt for good synergies already starts with the very first pick. The drafter needs to anticipate which cards will likely be offered later on.…

How To Deal With Tilt Game Icon

By Danman233, February 23, 2018


No matter what kind of player you are, casual, devoted, amateur or professional, each one of us has to admit that emotions sometimes affect our…