The Aretuza Summit Community Tournament Game Icon

By Rowdy, September 10, 2020


Team Aretuza's first tournament for Legends of Runeterra offers you the opportunity to test your skills against the best.

Legends of Runeterra Meta Snapshot #1: Call of the Mountain Game Icon

By multiple authors, September 7, 2020


Team Aretuza brings you the most detailed Meta Snapshot for Legends of Runeterra yet.

Evaluating Cards and Bad Math Game Icon

By Johaggis, August 31, 2020


There are a couple things you can look out for, even if you are garbage at math like me, to avoid some common pitfalls.  

Deck Guide: Spooky Swain Game Icon

By Rowdy, August 23, 2020


A detailed overview of a fun and unique deck. Overwhelm your opponents with a swarm of spiders and make them feel helpless!

Deckbuilding with Xyptero: Part 1 - What Does a Deck Need? Game Icon

By Xyptero, June 25, 2020


Guest writer Xyptero joins us today to bring you a deep dive into deck building in Gwent. In the first part of this series, he covers the necessary…

Year of the Wererat Abilities Faction Challenge Decks Game Icon

By JMJWilson23, May 15, 2020


The Year of the Wererat Leader Abilities Faction Challenge is available now and we are here to provide you with some ideas for decks to play with…

Seasonal Mode Guide: Season of the Wolf Game Icon

By Veruis, January 16, 2020


Hey everyone, I am Veruis, a casual player of CCG and RPG games, and I love spending my time having fun tryharding on ladder. That is why I decided…

Merchants of Ofir: Impressions Game Icon

By JMJWilson23, December 16, 2019


CDPR delivered a huge surprise for the community when they dropped a brand new expansion without warning on December 9th, 2019. This comes on the…

Merchants of Ofir: Card Analysis Game Icon

By Jamedi, December 13, 2019


Our guest writer Jamedi, from Team Nova, analyses the new expansion card by card and gives his prediction on how all the new cards will impact Gwent…

Deck Guide: Sharp Teeth Game Icon

By Zade, October 24, 2019


Fancy putting the fear of death in the eyes of your opponent? Then consider Vampires; the premiere purveyors of petrifying power.

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