Mill - A Gwent Deck Spotlight Game Icon

By Green Cricket, May 3, 2018


One of the harder decks to play, Mill shakes up the usual Gwent gameplay by offering an alternative win condition. In this article, we analyze…

Gwent Arena Guide Series - Part 1 - Preemptive drafting Game Icon

By Merano, May 1, 2018


The hunt for good synergies already starts with the very first pick. The drafter needs to anticipate which cards will likely be offered later on.…

Meta Snapshot #1 Game Icon

By Team Aretuza, April 26, 2018


This Meta Snapshot, created by Team Aretuza and Team Nova, attempts to establish the best decks to play in Pro Ladder and Ranked Ladder, given the…

From Zero to Pro: Getting into Competitive Gwent Game Icon

By lordgort, April 18, 2018


Qualifying for the Pro Ladder is an important milestone for a competitive Gwent player. This article lays out the essential steps between "new to…

Scoia'tael Shupe - A Gwent Deck Spotlight Game Icon

By Green Cricket, April 11, 2018


A lot of people say that Shupe's Day Off is a bad card, but the best cards in TCGs are, in general, the ones which provide you with options. This is…

Suggested cards to craft with an empty card collection Game Icon

By Green Cricket, April 4, 2018


One of the biggest choices as a new player is: What to craft next and what cards are the best investment? In this article, I try to answer this…

Coinflip Elves - A Gwent Deck Spotlight Game Icon

By Green Cricket, March 29, 2018


In this deck spotlight, I’ll try to highlight one of the more controversial decks in the current meta and what makes it so strong and annoying to…

Blue Coin in Arena - Drypass or Not Game Icon

By Slothland, March 12, 2018


Coinflip is one of the most controversial topics of Gwent. The result of the coinflip affects many decisions made in a game of Gwent. There are…

How To Deal With Tilt Game Icon

By Danman233, February 23, 2018


No matter what kind of player you are, casual, devoted, amateur or professional, each one of us has to admit that emotions sometimes affect our…

3 Steps to prepare for a Conquest Tournament Game Icon

By Green Cricket, February 18, 2018


Winning a tournament requires skill and a bit of luck. If you face similarly skilled opponents you don't want to rely on luck, so let's talk about…

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