Who are we?

Established in August 2017, Aretuza is the leading competitive team on Gwent scene.
With over 20 members, Aretuza is constantly bringing you the best Gwent has to offer.

Competitive players

More so than any other Gwent team, Aretuza provides talented players the chance to grow and access their full potential. We offer a wide range of quantitative and qualitative resources to help our players succeed at the highest level.

Our goal is to encourage fair competition, build a winning mindset, and support our teammates in their competitive goals.

The success is evident from the results: In addition to regularly placing a dozen players in the top 100 of Gwent’s Pro Ladder each season, five to six of them in the top 20, and achieving finishes at the top of the Ranked Ladder, our players have also enjoyed significant live tournament success. Aretuza players have won major LAN tournaments in Europe and North America, and at least one Aretuza member has participated in every Gwent Masters event since Gwent Open #2.

Content creators

At Aretuza, we aim to make a leading contribution to the Gwent community in the form of content creation utilizing both internal and external writers.

From deck guides, to interviews with pro players, to the Aretuza Meta Snapshot, we strive to help players improve their Gwent experience at all skill levels.

For those more interested in the Arena mode, our Arena Card Picker will help them fulfill a successful contract.

Stay tuned for the latest trends and news in Gwent, with Aretuza’s content creators providing insightful and entertaining views in a readable format.


Few things are better than the experience of spending time with an entertaining, interactive, and educational Gwent streamer. At Aretuza, we are proud to have our streamers as some of the most public faces of the team - not only entertaining their broad viewer bases every week, but also combining forces to host the bi-weekly GwentTalk talkshow. Drop by their streams, ask a question or two, and say hello! We promise you won’t be disappointed.

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