Welcome Aretuza Novice!

After you are comfortable with deck building, you can move towards a whole new level of competitive play: Tournament Preparation. In these lessons, you will acquire the tools needed to succeed in a tournament. Here, every aspect of Gwent knowledge you have learned will be put to the test against other highly skilled and dedicated Gwent players. Aretuza Academy can only provide you with a starting point for your tournament career: However, hard work, preparation, and learning to read your opponents will eventually help you enjoy the taste of tournament success.

In the following sections, you will learn about all the popular tournament formats, the features of each one, and how you can use them to your advantage. Finally, you will learn about how to properly create your own matchup table for an event, so you know how each of your decks fare against the opponents' specific decks. If used well, this will greatly aid when deciding which deck to bring or which of your enemies' decks to ban. Good luck in your next tournament!