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Short for Faction Matchmaking Rating, a player's MMR with a single faction.

fMMR is a player’s MMR with a single one of Gwent’s factions over the course of a competitive season. A player gains access to fMMR for all factions when they reach Rank 25 on the Ranked ladder. A player starts with 1250 fMMR for each faction - their current fMMR will go up and down as the player wins and loses matches, while their peak fMMR will be set to the highest score achieved by the player throughout the season. A percentage of this peak fMMR contributes to the player’s total MMR depending on how many games the player has played with that faction. With each game played, regardless of whether they are wins or losses, more fMMR is unlocked, reaching 100% at 40 games. This means that if the player has 1250 peak fMMR with a faction but has only played 4 games, this faction contributes 125 points to the player’s overall MMR. If the player has played 20 games, it contributes 625 points and if 40 games have been played, it contributes the full 1250 points. It is only the peak fMMR of a player’s four top performing factions that contributes to their total MMR.