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On 12 December 2018, CD Projekt Red presented the "Gwent Roadmap," a guide to the game's future as Gwent's management sees it now. What will change? What hopes does the roadmap raise, and what fears remain to be calmed?

Green Cricket's avatar By Green Cricket, December 12, 2018
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What happens when you search for the term "Beast", just to decide to put as much of them into your deck as possible?

Thanks to Bearmasters and Discard you'll get a very consistent list, that can push round 2 hard, while you can repeat the process in round 3 thanks to your resurrections!

Easha Dustfeather's avatar By Easha Dustfeather, November 30, 2018
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Greetings fellow Gwenches and Gwentlemen.

My name is Easha Dustfeather, member of the Gwent community that is the Lodge of Sorceresses which supported me while writing this article. While the first part of my guide for new players covered the welcome page, main menu and profile page, the second part of this article will provide insight about another important menu: The deck builder. It will also explain the elements of the user interface (or “UI”) displayed in and after a match.

Green Cricket's avatar By Green Cricket, November 28, 2018
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Witchers have fantastic synergies in Gwent Homecoming, thanks to cards like Vesimir: Mentor (used twice by Emhyr) or Ivo of Belhaven.

Combine this synergy with the utility of Letho and the card advantage power of the Ciris, and you have a great deck, that can handle a lot of tough situations!

Easha Dustfeather's avatar By Easha Dustfeather, November 22, 2018
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Greetings, fellow Gwenches and Gwentlemen! I am Easha Dustfeather, member of the Lodge of Sorceresses Gwent community, which supported me while writing this article about Gwent's user interface (UI). It covers the most important menus and symbols which did not get explained during the tutorial.

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Post-Homecoming Gwent has seen its first competitive balance change, a hotfix affecting artifacts and Golden Froth-style effects. But the cards themselves didn't change; their provision costs did. What does that mean for Gwent's present...and future?

Green Cricket's avatar By Green Cricket, November 11, 2018
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Storm the fields with a big pack of commandos TWICE, turn your Soldiers into Revenants and gamble with Gaunter to take the victory!

This and more in today's in-depth deck guide!

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GwenTalk Episode 8, where Green Cricket and Shinmiri discuss Homecoming with McBeard.

Green Cricket's avatar By Green Cricket, October 10, 2018
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Deckbuilding has changed drastically in Homecoming, providing us with more freedom to create our decks.
To utilise this freedom to our full advantage, the video offers suggestions to card distributions, how many archetypes should be included in a deck and more.

In addition, we'll take a look at each faction to discover the mechanics and potential synergies of their cards.

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Brouver Shupe is a deck that was first introduced after the Midwinter Update in December 2017. However, it did not reach its full prominence in the meta until Saber97’s guide on April 2018, and further innovation by high-ranking Chinese players in May 2018. After that, it quickly rose in popularity, culminating in Gwent Open #6 where six out of eight players (including the winner, Kolemoen, and runner-up, proNEO) were equipped with it. However, Brouver Shupe then fell out of the meta, becoming much less popular as a ladder and tournament pick.

This article will track the rise and fall of Brouver Shupe, and how this has been impacted by the changing tournament meta.