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By Slothland, August 2, 2018

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The Arena Tier List that we present on our website is based on the normal Arena mode where all the cards from all factions are available. Since the interactions between different cards with different factions, are a huge part of the evaluation process, the tier scores would not reflect the reality during the events such as Faction Specific Arena Mode (cards from only one faction are available) or One-Color Arena Mode (only Gold, only Silver or only Bronze). Therefore in an article series we are going to discuss how to approach to the different modes and the significant changes on the tier scores of the normal arena mode.

Short Guide - Monsters Only Arena Mode

Notable Changes

The card values are mostly unchanged as opposed to the other faction-specific Arena Modes. The most notable change is the ability of Adda: Striga cannot be used to he should be avoided during the draft.

With the increased possibility of getting Woodland Spirit would make Foglet much better and it should be possible to safely pick 2 especially when the Dagon pick as a leader is very likely. It should be noted that Foglet can be pulled from the deck with Bridge Troll as well, which is not the optimal bronze to pick but with a Foglet in the deck, it becomes a 16+ point play. 

The most important change would be Imlerith: Sabbath. With the lack of removal, Imlerith: Sabbath would become a huge problem. However, cards like Kayran or Parasite still keep Imlerith: Sabbath in check.  Another solution to Imlerith: Sabbath could be Morvudd, however, locking Imlerith: Sabbath without a big unit on the board may not be the perfect answer since the opponent is equally likely to have access to Morvudd.

Miruna is in the same category as Imlerith: Sabbath. She can be considered as a "trap" card in this mode, since there is still enough removal to deal with her. 

Cockatrice would be a nice-to-have bronze since there are solid cards that require high boosts.

Notable Strategies

The cards related to Deathwish units, such as Maerolorn and She-Troll of Vergen and would be much better since it would be easier to find enough copies of Archespore and D'ao.

With the abundance of fog and Foglets, weather clear would be very important and players may tend to favour a longer round. Therefore, Abaya and Archgriffin would be picks to be happy about in every Arena run.

Round 1 could be played to a certain extent in order to develop graveyard for cards such as Ghoul and Ozzrel. It should be noted that, when trying to develop a graveyard for Ghoul (and Monster Nest into Ghoul), Ozzrel might disrupt this plan. Development of the graveyard is possible also during round 3 through Toad Prince. In this sense, in order to get the full value out of these mentioned cards, the card that has a higher base power should be favoured over the ones that have smaller base power if these two cards have the same expected value.

Regarding consume, making it work would mean a very bronze heavy deck with uncertainty in the later picks. With the low value of the cards related to consume without a solid synergy composed of key elements such as multiple copies of Nekker, Vran Warrior and/or Forktail as engines and Arachas Queen as the leader, the Arena run may end pretty quickly. Therefore, drafting consume as an archetype does not seem very realistic in this mode.

One of the strongest win conditions in this mode is stacking Crones. Since Arena has no limits to the number of Silver cards you can get, there is a high chance you can get multiple Weavesses, Brewesses or Whispesses. Weavess: Incantation is thus a very powerful pick, too. 


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