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By multiple authors, March 12, 2021

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Join The Fox Bride & Lionhart in their third installment of an original story created for Yennefer & Nimue's Journey!

The Legend of Yennefer: Chapter 3

The Legend of Yennefer: Chapter 3

Written by - TheFoxBride

“You will not take her.”

Yennefer’s mother mustered all the courage she could, but her final words betrayed her as they cracked in the thick summer air.

The mysterious woman she now spoke to had seemingly appeared out of nowhere, and now held her daughter in a tight grip. “This girl is destined for far greater things than this.” She arrogantly smirked and waved her hands towards the decrepit living spaces. “Be it all the same, I am sure this will make up for your loss.” She tossed a small coin purse that her mother dropped, the gold clanging off the scattered rocks on the ground.

“Mama,” Yen called out. 

The witch jerked her around and stared into her violet eyes. 

“A life of abuse and hardship, is that what you desire? You have an ability, a gift, if you are privy to the divine, that you must harness. I will teach you how to control the chaos all around you. How to control your destiny.”

“I don’t want-”

The woman let go and spoke in a low rumble, her words as curt as ever. “It matters little what you want.”

Nimue and her audience had retreated from the chilly night outside to the warm security of the tower. Nestled around a large hearth in the center of the living quarters, the guests sat shoulder to shoulder and eagerly awaited the continuation of the journey. 

The Lady pondered a moment before speaking. “What is a life worth?”

Voices spoke up from all over. “Priceless.” “Self worth is what matters.” “Lives are not meant to be bought and sold.”

“Yet,” Nimue continued, “this one was. Whether it was four marks, or four hundred, this girl was purchased the same as common livestock. Some of you may have come from similar hardship and can take solace in a shared struggle, one that you may still think about to this day. Perhaps, when you get to be as old as me, you can kill the past and move on from such trauma. But, for those like Yennefer, you can never escape it. She might have thought that this was the end of the pain, the end of the lonely nights filled with sorrow. But, as something ends, something begins.”

Yen’s mother picked up the fallen coins and clutched them to her chest. “What will you do with her?”

“I doubt the sincerity in your voice in regards to the well being of this girl. Regardless, you will never see me, or her, ever again. Are we in agreement?”

“I have already lost my husband, and I will not lose a daughter,” the mother unconvincingly stammered out.

The woman glared back coldly. “She is already lost, your actions saw to that long ago.”

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Lionhart Lionhart is Aretuza Member

Lionhart is an English streamer who has been playing Gwent since Closed Beta. Having been an avid Witcher 3 fan, inevitably he succumbed to the temptation of Gwent having previously played Hearthstone. After taking a break from streaming for 18 months, Lionhart has returned to a daily stream schedule of Gwent with the aim of steadily improve his placements as well as co-hosting the Out Of Focus talkshow. The streams are welcoming for new players and seasoned veterans.


TheFoxBride TheFoxBride is Aretuza Member

TheFoxBride is an American who has been playing Gwent since becoming obsessed with The Witcher universe, primarily the books. With a degree in history, it was a natural fit to fall in love with the medieval fantasy world that is brimming with subtlety. This led to starting multiple podcasts that cover the games, show, and books, all with an emphasis on insight you would not find anywhere else. Within the team, he aims to showcase the personalities of fellow teammates and give the audience an appreciation of the creator behind the content. Whenever he is not busy writing fantasy, working out, or watching/playing sports, you can catch weekly streams where he and his fiancee play Gwent, and talk way too much about Disney movies.

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