Aretuza Report # 9: Interview with CDPR's ThorSerpent Game Icon

By multiple authors, August 3, 2020


Welcome to our ninth Aretuza Report. 

Generation H: New Talents in Gwent (EU) Game Icon

By Damorquis, October 30, 2019


After Part 1 of our Homecoming Spotlight interviews, Part 2 covers some of the most impactful non-NA players in Gwent who have proven their excellent…

Generation H: New Talents in Gwent (NA) Game Icon

By Damorquis, October 1, 2019


The implementation of Homecoming changed the player landscape significantly. Which streamers emerged? Which content creators are standing behind the…

Thanedd Cøup: A Look Back Game Icon

By Damorquis, August 14, 2019


Two weeks ago, Team Aretuza hosted our first Gwent LAN event in Warsaw, the Thanedd Cøup. We’d like to share a look back over the experiences of a…

Gwent Challenger #4 - Preparing the Triangle of Greed Game Icon

By Damorquis, September 6, 2018


The article gives insight in the tournament preparation of Team Aretuza’s Gwent Challenger #4 finalists AretuzaAndyWand and Damorquis. Preparation…

Gwent Open #6: Molegion vs Damorquis - A competitive… Game Icon

By Damorquis, July 28, 2018


After Gwent Open #6 I took a bit of time to analyse the series between my teammate Molegion and me. In the article I give insights into my…

Pro ladder winrates - a quantitative analysis Game Icon

By Damorquis, February 11, 2018


Suffering a loss on pro ladder hurts twice. Not only you lose a high amount of MMR, but also you suffer the opportunity cost from a foregone victory.…