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An archetype focused on deck manipulation; or, destroying cards in the Deck Builder.

Mill is an archetype that focuses on the control tool of deck manipulation by making their opponent draw all their cards, bricking their card combos and tutors in the process. Mill’s ultimate goal is milling the opponent to zero cards, reaching a point where they will still draw cards, e.g. between Rounds, and thus, gain card advantage over their opponent. Additionally, a player can accidentally mill themselves when their deck thins too much in combination with the three draws in Round 2 and 3.

Another definition of mill is the act of destroying unneeded or duplicate cards in the Deck Builder. This process deletes that copy of the card from the player’s account and gives the player a certain number of scraps in exchange, which can then be used to craft new cards. If a player mills a premium version of a card they are also given a certain amount of meteorite powder.