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This glossary was compiled, written, and edited by Lothari and SwanDive with the help of these amazing people: Damorquis, Danman233, Green Cricket, Gvuardya, Gwent2town, ImpairedTuxedo, Kai_a, lordgort, Molegion, Santtu2x and shinmiri2.

Special thanks to Gnurrgard for inspiring this project by sharing his knowledge on CCG theory and giving us continued feedback.

The Gwent competitive ladder, split into 30 ranks with Pro Rank above it.

Ranked is the name of the Gwent competitive ladder, named as such because it is split into 30 different ranks. A player starts at Rank 30 and works their way to Rank 1. Each rank is split into 5 tiers, represented in-game by a stain-glass-style mosaic shown in the player’s personal profile.

While playing in Ranked, winning games will gain a player mosaic pieces. When a mosaic has been completed and the player wins one more game, they will advance to the next rank. If a player loses games, mosaic pieces will be lost. However, during a season, a player will never drop down to a lower rank if they lose too many games.

When the player wins a game after completing the Rank 1 mosaic, they are put into a special rank referred to as Pro Rank.


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