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By SwanDive, February 15, 2019

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Ingredients have been collected, measurements have been taken, and the cookbook is now ready. Welcome everyone to the latest Gwent Meta Snapshot presented by the masterchefs of Team Aretuza & Team Nova! We’ve been hard at work studying how the game has changed since the addition of the new leaders, and we’re now ready to share our results. We hope this collection of 29 meta-defining recipes, errr… decks will sweeten Gwent’s Season of Love for you.

Gwent Meta Snapshot #6

You can find the new Meta Snapshot on our website above or by clicking the link here.

  • Brought to you by Team Aretuza and Team Nova
  • 29 decks hand-picked and evaluated by Team Aretuza and Team Nova Pro Players
  • Video guides on selected archetypes by Green Cricket, Ryan Godric and shinmiri2
  • Detalied deck descriptions including explanations of essential cards, pros and cons, and tech sections
  • Happy Gwenting!





As a big fan of the Witcher franchise, SwanDive is always on the lookout for her next Witcher fix. She started playing Gwent in the Closed Beta for the lore – and stayed for the game and the community. Long an avid gamer, Swan found her passion for CCGs and competitive gaming at the Gwent table. Away from it, Swan is studying for her Master’s degree in English and worked as content manager for Team Aretuza.

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