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By Green Cricket, June 17, 2019

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Starting today, RyanGodric and Green Cricket will gather all the daily revealed Gwent Syndicate cards and do a quick review.

The first episode is a bit longer since a ton of new Novigrad cards have been revealed in the dev-stream and each new keyword needs to be explained as well!

Gwent Novigrad - Syndicate Card Review #1 with RyanGodric and Green Cricket


Green Cricket

Green Cricket Green Cricket is Aretuza Member

Green Cricket is one of the heads of Aretuza, creating an environment where players and content creators can thrive and continuously improve themselves. In addition to his work at Aretuza, he runs a Gwent YouTube channel for beginners and advanced players alike. He teaches how to become better at Gwent and offers one in-depth Gwent guide each week as inspiration.

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