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By Lothari, August 12, 2019

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In the Season of the Draconid, 2019, Team Aretuza and Team Nova reach a great milestone in Gwent content creation: Our 10th competitive Meta Snapshot comes out today with a wide variety of decks new and updated to represent the meta as it currently stands and some other possibilities to show that the game’s competitive situation is not as dire as you might think.

Meta Snapshot #10

On the 26th April 2018, Team Nova and Team Aretuza came together for the first time to publish the first of our long-running Meta Snapshot releases (here is our Snapshot #1 if you’re feeling nostalgic), aiming to give the Gwent community an accurate and professional representation of competitive Gwent.

Today, we release the 10th of these Snapshots, and we’d like to take a moment to thank some of the people involved in our longest running Gwent project for their hard work and commitment over the last 16 months. Most importantly, thank you to SwanDive and Jamedi for your continued organisational and management efforts to coordinate across Teams Nova and Aretuza and bring us so much high-quality content! An additional shoutout goes to Miketocome and Shinmiri2 for their continuous contribution to the Meta Snapshot since April of last year, and to all of the players and content creators who have analysed, compiled and edited all of our Snapshots to be as accurate and professionally written as possible. And thanks to you, the community, too for supporting our work and providing us with the feedback necessary to steadily improve our work!

With Update 3.1 introducing a whole host of changes to Gwent, this Snapshot contains 19 decks across 4 different tiers in our biggest beginning-of-the-month update yet, offering decks for all playstyles. Highlights include Eithné Control, Meve Midrange, Hyperthin Ardal and of course Dijkstra Bounty and Foltest Commando.

You can find the entire snapshot here.

Of course, as always, the Snapshot will be updated throughout the month, ensuring you stay connected to the most professional and longest-serving competitive analysis around.





Lothari is a long-time fan of CCGs, building up a wealth of experience in Hearthstone, MTG, TESL, Artifact and of course Gwent, which she has been playing since the end of Closed Beta. She always aspires to improve and learn more about what has come to be one of her favourite pass-times. She has also found a passion in creating content for Gwent, and will continue to do so with a passionate and analytical outlook for Team Aretuza. Lothari has a BA in Computing and German and spent four years working as a game developer.

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