Aretuza players and content creators strive to improve themselves every day and with the same mentality, we try to improve the team itself.

To further support our members the best way possible, we are proud to announce the new management of the team!

Team Aretuza was founded in October 2017 by Damorquis and Hennotje to lay the basis for what should become one of the best competitive teams in Gwent.

Since then Aretuza has continuously expanded by getting the most promising players and content creators on board, to not only enable improvement within the team but also to give back to the community.

On players of all skill levels can find compelling articles about Gwent and the competitive scene, a regularly updated meta-snapshot, a pick & ban tool for tournaments, the Aretuza Academy for new players and many more.

This would not have been possible without the collaboration of many dedicated people within, but also outside of the team.

Aretuza has big plans for 2019 making the step from becoming a team of hobbyists to professional E-Sports team, to enable an even bigger support structure for its members and the Aretuza community.

The first step was the design of a new style and logo for Aretuza, but behind the scenes, a lot more has been planned.

These plans required Aretuza to do a lot of groundwork, where four people took up the challenge to pave the way for the future of Team Aretuza.

We proudly present to you the new management:

Damorquis and Green Cricket - Head of Aretuza

Damorquis and Green Cricket will take on the mantle of representing Aretuza to the outside and act as the head of the team.

Coming from different backgrounds, both supplement each other's strength & weaknesses and fuel their passion for guiding Aretuza into a promising future.

Gwent2Town - Competitive Manager

Aretuza's competitive successes would not have been possible without Gwent2Town's work, who acts behind the scenes to push our competitive players to new heights.

As competitive manager Gwent2Town he is continuing his fantastic work, with the addition of implementing pipelines that will help the team improve even more.

SwanDive - Content Manager

SwanDive is the backbone of our content creators, helping them to improve and manage their daily duties, so they can focus on what they do best.

If there is anything content related, SwanDive is the person to go to!

We're looking forward to a new era of Aretuza and hope you will join us on the journey!