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By multiple authors, March 22, 2021

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 CW// Self harm | Join The Fox Bride & Lionhart in their fourth installment of an original story created for Yennefer & Nimue's Journey!

The Legend of Yennefer: Chapter 4

The Legend of Yennefer: Chapter 4

Written by - TheFoxBride

| CW// Self harm | Before we begin, there is a content warning in this weeks chapter for self harm and suicidal thoughts.
This is a link to crisis lines in countries across the world.  

“You failed.”

Tissaia de Vries' voice was steady, even calming. Blood oozed from behind freshly applied bandages, as Yennefer prepared for another lecture, or at least a few stern words to be lobbed in her direction.

But they never came.

The rector noticed this was no cry for help. “You cut deep. Deliberate. Were this a common cry for help then you would be left here alone to wallow in your own pity. But, as I stated on the day we first met; I shall help you. You will learn how to correct your spine, straighten your back, and arrange your shoulder blades.”

Nimue spryly twitched her fingers, releasing a small display of multicolored sparks that illuminated her darkened face. “Everyone in this room has an affinity for magic, and our abilities are worthless without the use of our hands.”

Slowly the audience began to mimic her and within a few moments the room glimmered with every color of the spectrum. 

Once the excitement died down, The Lady gently rubbed the inside of her forearm. “Our hands are what we use to heal, comfort, and protect those most important to us. It makes us who we are, and can define our very existence. Some of you cannot, or will not, have children. What you do with your hands will define the legacy you leave behind.”

Tissaia delicately touched Yen’s crimson stained fingers. “Most importantly, we will heal your hands. You may have severed the tendons and ligaments, but in time, you will heal. And you must, as there is nothing more important to a sorceress, than her hands. They are an instrument by which we become something special. And you, my girl, are special.”

Yen took notice at the final words, but all she wanted was to quench her thirst. A sponge lay nearby, but she was too proud to ask, especially in the presence of Tissaia. 

“You were not meant to perish today, but there will be a time when your name is called and you will recall this moment.” She picked up the sponge and held it over Yen’s mouth. “Everything that occurs from this moment forward, is a gift to you, and perhaps a curse to others. You will decide what you do with your future. Only you.”

Yennefer slightly adjusted her posture and winced at the pain shooting through her arms. Small tears began to trickle down her pained face.

Tissaia chose her departing words wisely. “Weep, girl. Cry your heart out and for as long as you desire here. For this will be the last time it ever occurs, as there is not a more grotesque site in existence, than a sorceress weeping."

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Lionhart Lionhart is Aretuza Member

Lionhart is an English streamer who has been playing Gwent since Closed Beta. Having been an avid Witcher 3 fan, inevitably he succumbed to the temptation of Gwent having previously played Hearthstone. After taking a break from streaming for 18 months, Lionhart has returned to a daily stream schedule of Gwent with the aim of steadily improve his placements as well as co-hosting the Out Of Focus talkshow. The streams are welcoming for new players and seasoned veterans.


TheFoxBride TheFoxBride is Aretuza Member

TheFoxBride is an American who has been playing Gwent since becoming obsessed with The Witcher universe, primarily the books. With a degree in history, it was a natural fit to fall in love with the medieval fantasy world that is brimming with subtlety. This led to starting multiple podcasts that cover the games, show, and books, all with an emphasis on insight you would not find anywhere else. Within the team, he aims to showcase the personalities of fellow teammates and give the audience an appreciation of the creator behind the content. Whenever he is not busy writing fantasy, working out, or watching/playing sports, you can catch weekly streams where he and his fiancee play Gwent, and talk way too much about Disney movies.

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