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By multiple authors, April 29, 2021

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Join Lionhart and The Fox Bride in thier eighth installment of an original story created for Yennefer & Nimue's Journey!

The Legend of Yennefer: Chapter 8

The Legend of Yennefer: Chapter 8

Written by - TheFoxBride


The Nilfgaardians pushed the Northern Alliance to the brink, leaving thousands of corpses in their wake.

Yennefer stood shoulder to shoulder with Triss Merigold and Lytta Neyd, her black hair juxtaposed with the auburn and red from her peers. “They won’t hold. We need to move.”

Black armor engulfed the field below as the mages got into position to survey the attack. Triss pointed towards the right flank, which quickly collapsed under a cavalry charge from the Ard Feainn division. “The Aedernians are routed!”

Lytta, better known as Coral due to the shade of lipstick she admired, jaunted away without further notice. She grabbed a nearby mage and shouted behind her, “Hit the center, we will hold the right.”

Yennefer’s eyes bulged in disbelief. “Stop, the entire division is routed. We will gather more-”

Coral turned and showed the fire of the isles. “There is no time, Yenna.” She motioned towards the horsemen now beginning to envelop behind the defenders. “The center is weakest, HIT THEM NOW.” She did not wait for a response.

The remaining duo gathered their strength and focus, learned from years of experience in the classrooms of Aretuza, and the halls of great kings.

Fire and brimstone rained down on the Black Ones as Yennefer conjured up a heavy spell. The surprise attack stalled the cavalry as they struggled to regroup around the surrounding flames. As the Nilfgaardians cooked in their armor, a massive shockwave threw the attackers thirty feet in the air. Yennefer caught a glimpse of Coral as she wove her hands through the ground. Geomancy was always her forte.

As the attack broke down, several massive oaks were uprooted and slammed into the staggering Nilfgaardians. Triss, in a fit of Telekinetic power, ripped and smashed the trees through the rear guard that came to try and fill the gap created by the shockwave.

Yennefer sent one last bolt through the air before turning and seeing that several spearmen had made their way to no more than fifty feet from them. “Merigold!” she shouted and began to lay waste to the new enemy. 

To her horror she was too late to save a sorcerer that was cut down by a heavily armored cavalry officer. She also noticed for the first time there were at least a half dozen dead mages on the hill. With hate in her eyes she summoned a wave of energy that sent the officer flying out of sight.

“Press forward!” A gruff voice erupted from behind them as a sharp dressed man confidently sent spell after spell down on the hill. Vilgefortz nodded in encouragement at Yennefer as the remaining mages rallied and strode forth. The Black clad invaders began to rout as victory seemed certain.

Burnt flesh and hot steel filled the air as Yennefer came upon a most gruesome sight. She had found Coral, but would forever wish she had not. Both of her arms had been hacked off at the elbows, her right leg snapped at the knee, the left ripped off cleanly. Her robes and light armor had been burned off and barely remained.

But it wasn’t the wounds that bothered Yennefer, she had seen worse. It was that she was still alive. And the screams….the screams were unlike anything she could imagine. 

She hadn’t even noticed that Triss had arrived and began to weep. “We have to do something.”

“We must never forget what happened here, and ensure it never happens again.” A tear began to form in her eye as she raised a hand towards Coral. Sparks danced from her fingertips as the sun began to set over Sodden Hill.

If you would like to listen to the narrated version by Lionhart Click Here



Lionhart Lionhart is Aretuza Member

Lionhart is an English streamer who has been playing Gwent since Closed Beta. Having been an avid Witcher 3 fan, inevitably he succumbed to the temptation of Gwent having previously played Hearthstone. After taking a break from streaming for 18 months, Lionhart has returned to a daily stream schedule of Gwent with the aim of steadily improve his placements as well as co-hosting the Out Of Focus talkshow. The streams are welcoming for new players and seasoned veterans.


TheFoxBride TheFoxBride is Aretuza Member

TheFoxBride is an American who has been playing Gwent since becoming obsessed with The Witcher universe, primarily the books. With a degree in history, it was a natural fit to fall in love with the medieval fantasy world that is brimming with subtlety. This led to starting multiple podcasts that cover the games, show, and books, all with an emphasis on insight you would not find anywhere else. Within the team, he aims to showcase the personalities of fellow teammates and give the audience an appreciation of the creator behind the content. Whenever he is not busy writing fantasy, working out, or watching/playing sports, you can catch weekly streams where he and his fiancee play Gwent, and talk way too much about Disney movies.

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