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By Lothari, April 11, 2019

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For players whose in-game resources are tight, knowing which cards give most value for those resources can be difficult. Which cards are the best in a set? Which can be used in the most decks? Which cards from a new set are most likely to let me keep up with competitive play? In this new Aretuza Academy lesson in our Deckbuilding course, we are giving you our recommendations for the top cards to craft of Gwent's new Crimson Curse expansion.

Aretuza Academy Update: Top Cards to Craft - Crimson Curse

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Lothari is a long-time fan of CCGs, building up a wealth of experience in Hearthstone, MTG, TESL, Artifact and of course Gwent, which she has been playing since the end of Closed Beta. She always aspires to improve and learn more about what has come to be one of her favourite pass-times. She has also found a passion in creating content for Gwent, and will continue to do so with a passionate and analytical outlook for Team Aretuza. Lothari has a BA in Computing and German and spent four years working as a game developer.

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