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A type of card that has no power but occupies a place on the game board.

Artifacts are signified by the chalice in the top left-hand corner of the card. They are placed on the game board like units, but they will not contribute any power to the player’s point total. Instead, artifacts generate value only when procced, potentially functioning like an engine, after certain conditions are met or when the player chooses to activate an artifact’s ability.

Engine artifacts are often equipped with the Zeal, Order, Charge, and Cooldown keywords, gaining a player value by boosting allies or damaging enemies while they remain on the board. Powerful engine artifacts such as Sihil may also have additional abilities to increase the amount of value gained.

Trap artifacts, unique to the Scoia’tael faction, are placed face down on the board and flipped over using the Ambush keyword when certain conditions are met. Some Traps may have an ability that can be manually procced without the ambush ability activating.