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This glossary was compiled, written, and edited by Lothari and SwanDive with the help of these amazing people: Damorquis, Danman233, Green Cricket, Gvuardya, Gwent2town, ImpairedTuxedo, Kai_a, lordgort, Molegion, Santtu2x and shinmiri2.

Special thanks to Gnurrgard for inspiring this project by sharing his knowledge on CCG theory and giving us continued feedback.

A game format in which the player creates a deck using their collection and a deck-building rule set.

Constructed is a game format used in CCGs and TCGs wherein players may build a deck using any card from their collection as long as it is in line with a deck-building rule set defined by the game’s competitive authority.

For Gwent, the Constructed game format is used for casual games, friendly games and on the Ranked ladder, as well as in practice matches against the AI. A Constructed deck is built in the Deck Builder and must have only two of each bronze card, one of each gold card and use no more than 169 provisions (depending on your chosen leader). Currently, Gwent’s only other game format is a Limited draft in the Arena game mode.


Green Cricket

Green Cricket Green Cricket is Aretuza Member

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