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By Asher, September 22, 2020

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An update to our Meta Snapshot #1 following the Balance Patch notes from the 16th of September.

Legends of Runeterra Meta Snapshot #1 Update

On the 16th of September, three weeks after the release of Call of the Mountain's first expansion, Riot Games released a balanced patch notes for Legends of Runeterra. Lacking conclusive data on cards newly introduced with the Targon region, they chose to deal with other problematic units introduced in the game previously. While the buffs and nerfs have not affected Targon directly, they still have had considerable effects on the metagame and thus prompted us to update our Meta Snapshot. You can find the updated Snapshot here as well as a detailled changelog just below.


New Entries

- Added Lux/Aurelion Sol to Frontrunners.

- Added Warmother to Frontrunners

- Added Midrange Pirates  to Frontrunners.

- Added Elites to Runner-Ups

- Added Shen/Fiora to Runner-Ups.

- Added Trundle Ledros Combo to Runner-Ups.

Rank Shuffling & Altered Lists

- Pirate Aggro goes up to Frontrunners.

- Combo Lee Sin ascends to Runner-Ups following his mana cost buff and sees his decklist changed to accomodate its newfound power.

  • Update: 04/10/2020: Following a buff to Bastion, Combo Lee Sin becomes a Frontrunner.

- Allegiance Leona/Aurelion Sol descends to Runner-Ups, taken over by Lux/Aurelion Sol.

- MF/Scouts moves down to Runner-Ups following War Chefs' nerf.

- Karma/Ezreal descends to Dark Horse status following the nerf to Ezreal's level up condition.

- Midrange Lulu/Shen & Lulu Emoosive both downgraded to Dark Horse following War Chefs' attack nerf.



Asher Asher is Aretuza Member

Card game enthusiast since childhood, and Top Master player for LoR, Asher has played as many CCGs as he could lay his hands on which kickstarted his competitive streak. Achieving high ranks in Hearthstone, Duelyst, and TES: Legends, his goal is now to do the same in Legends of Runeterra by competing in all possible tournaments. With a drive to always improve, Asher is looking to brew the best decks and help new and experienced players alike.

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