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By Asher, October 27, 2020

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A 2nd update to our Meta Snapshot #1 following the release of the second expansion of the Call of the Mountain set.

Legends of Runeterra Meta Snapshot #1: Update N°2

You can find the updated Meta Snapshot here. With the 2nd expansion released, the meta has shifted somehow, though not as much as could have been expected. A few new decks are making an appearance, though none of them are particularly meta-defining, and the usual suspects can be found at the top, with some Runner-ups and Dark Horses trading places. Detailed Changelog can be found below.


New Entries

- Soraka/Tahm Kench Heal, the new combination coming from Bilgewater and Targon is added to Dark Horses.

- Midrange Dragons, roaring its way to the Dark Horses category.

- Vimerdinger, the newly revitalized Heimerdinger archetype, added to Runner-ups, with a video deck tech.

Rank Shuffling & Altered Lists

- Lux/Aurelion Sol is demoted from Frontrunners to Dark Horses due to a drop in popularity and generally tough match-ups

- Midrange Pirates demoted to Runner-Ups

- MF/Scouts joining the Frontrunners once again

-  Karma/Ezreal removed following Ezreal nerfs.

- Twisted Ezreal goes down to Honourable Mentions following the nerfs to both himself and Yordle Grifter.

- Discard Aggro promoted to Runner-Ups 

- Elites, following drop in popularity and overall effectiveness in the current metagame, drops to Dark Horses.

- Spooky Swain and Lulu Emoosive removed due to lack of popularity and being overlapping variants of better existing archetypes.



Asher Asher is Aretuza Member

Card game enthusiast since childhood, and Top Master player for LoR, Asher has played as many CCGs as he could lay his hands on which kickstarted his competitive streak. Achieving high ranks in Hearthstone, Duelyst, and TES: Legends, his goal is now to do the same in Legends of Runeterra by competing in all possible tournaments. With a drive to always improve, Asher is looking to brew the best decks and help new and experienced players alike.

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