Inside you will find the complete schedule for the Aretuza Spring Team Clash. Included is a reference guide that indicates which games will be casted, as well as when and where to find them. The schedule for the Elimination Stage will be added later when the participants are determined!

Casting Schedule

The casting schedule (all casts will be in English) is as follows:

Every team will have two of their three Group Stage games casted.

Complete Schedule

Group A

Round 1

Team Nova vs Team Swallow

Claymore vs Team Leviathan Gaming

Round 2

Team Leviathan Gaming vs Team Swallow

Claymore vs Team Nova

Round 3

Claymore vs Team Swallow

Team Leviathan Gaming vs Team Nova

Group B

Round 1

GwentDetta vs Legacy

SLG vs Team Aretuza

Round 2

GwentDetta vs Team Aretuza

Legacy vs SLG

Round 3

GwentDetta vs SLG

Legacy vs Team Aretuza