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By JMJWilson23, May 13, 2020

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Casted games for the Aretuza Spring Team Clash kick off today with Group B action! Get to know the background of the players involved in a bit more detail with this preview of their rosters.

Spring Team Clash Group B Preview

GwentDetta - Captain: CintrianLion 

GwentDetta is one of the teams in the competition with the most momentum, as a member of the team has secured an Open Qualification in two of the last three qualifiers. Such results make them a strong contender to advance to the knockout stages of the Team Clash. Among the rosters involved in the Team Clash, GwentDetta has accumulated the 4th most Crown Points this year with 211.


GwentDetta is captained by CintrianLion. Lion is sure to deliver entertaining performances; he often demonstrates very innovative deck building to give himself an advantage, much to the dismay of his opponents. Such an approach has yielded solid results, as he has finished in the Top 64 three times in the last four seasons. His best season to date came during the Season of the Elf, in which he was only 8 MMR away from claiming a position in the Top 16. These finishes have resulted in Lion collecting 64 Crown Points during Gwent Masters Season 2. You can often catch CintrianLion streaming his games (in Russian and English) on his Twitch channel.


We continue along the GwentDetta roster with another long-time competitive Gwent player in Fillow. Fillow has been around the scene for quite some time and has had solid showings dating all the way back to the early days of Gwent Masters Season 1. In the online qualifier for Gwent Challenger #5, Fillow reached the semifinal stage, only being stopped by the eventual champion of the qualifier (and Challenger) magpie131. In Gwent Masters Season 2, Fillow has reached the Top 64 once (missing out on the Top 8 of the subsequent qualifier on tie breakers) while also finishing just outside on several occasions. These finishes have resulted in Fillow capturing 33 Crown Points.


GwentDetta continues their streak of adding consistently high placers to their roster with Kar5555. Kar has finished in the top 64 in three of the last four seasons. In the most recent Top 64 qualifier, Kar earned a place in the Top 16, thus advancing to the second day and the knockout portion of the competition. Is this the momentum Kar needs to carry on and push even higher in the future? In total during Gwent Masters Season 2, Kar has accumulated a total of 46 Crown Points, which is quite a large sum considering there was one season in which Kar did not accumulate any Crown Points.


The last member of GwentDetta’s roster is also one of their strongest performers in Nik_r. Nik has been consistently excellent in Gwent Masters Season 2, finishing in the Top 64 in each season, with a peak finish of 20th in the Season of the Wolf. The real sparkling achievement for Nik, though, came during the final qualifier for Gwent Open #1, in which he was able to claim his place in the main event by virtue of winning the upper bracket finals. Such results have netted Nik 68 Crown Points, the highest among all GwentDetta players. We look forward to watching Nik compete in Gwent Open when it is held and also seeing if he can repeat the same feat for Gwent Open #2 in the coming months. Speaking of watching, you can catch Nik_r streaming his games live (in Russian) to his Twitch channel.

Legacy - Captain: Wezus

Another team that comes into the Team Clash with great momentum is Legacy. Their members have also secured positions in future Gwent Opens in two of the last three qualifiers, matching the feat of GwentDetta. In terms of Crown Points, members of Team Legacy come up just behind GwentDetta in 5th place among the Team Clash participants, with a combined total of 192.


We start our look at the Legacy team with one of the youngest Gwent competitors around in Danirai. At only 17 years of age, Danirai has already accomplished more than many Gwent players can say about their whole careers. On top of consistently high ranking positions throughout his entire time playing Gwent, Danirai reached a Top 16 finish during the Season of Love and followed it up by placing among the top 8 players in the subsequent qualifier. In the other seasons, he has picked up two comfortable Top 64 finishes. In total during Gwent Masters Season 2, Danirai has collected 59 Crown Points, second among his Legacy teammates for this event.


Next up for Legacy is one of the real rising stars of the Gwent world. Although he has been known by Gwent professionals for quite some time, Iluxa228 really announced himself to the Gwent world by earning qualification to Gwent Open #2 via his victory in the Top 64 qualifier following the Season of the Bear. Aside from that tournament triumph, Iluxa has consistently performed well on both ladder and in tournaments, securing Top 64 finishes in each of the last four seasons, including one Top 16 finish during the Season of the Wolf. Such a high degree of consistency during Gwent Masters Season 2 has netted Iluxa 64 Crown Points, tops among Legacy players.


Although he is perhaps one of the lesser known members of this Legacy team, InNomineSatanas has delivered consistent performances just outside of the radar of many onlookers. Players that have faced him, though, know just how strong of a player he can be. Often playing unique or overlooked decks with his own tech choices to strengthen against common meta decks, InNomineSatanas has secured one Top 64 finish in Gwent Masters Season 2, while narrowly missing out on repeating in the last two seasons. Overall, he has earned a total of 39 Crown Points in Gwent Masters Season 2.


The final member of Legacy’s strong team is Lerio2. One of the resident “stat guys” in the Gwent community, you can often find Lerio’s work on the Legacy website ,with a strong focus on analytical and statistical applications to Gwent. When not working on this type of content, Lerio can be found climbing the ladder and, based upon recent results, doing so quite successfully. Dating back to Season 1 of Gwent Masters, Lerio was a consistent Top 20 player, with several appearances in the Top 10. Recently, he has regained some of that form, securing a Top 64 finish last season to add to his Top 64 finish in the Season of the Wolf. These results bring him to a total of 30 Crown Points during Gwent Masters Season 2.

SLG - Captain: IgniFriend

The overall champion of the Team Clash Qualifier, SLG is not a long-standing Gwent organization like the invited teams, but proved that they can hang with the best with their qualifier performance. Despite forming in a more spontaneous manner, SLG members have accrued 158 Crown Points, which is good enough for 6th place among all participating teams in the Team Clash.


Unlike many of the competitors in the tournament, IgniFriend is a relative newcomer to the Gwent competitive scene. Their first appearance on the Gwent Masters leaderboard came only in the final season of Gwent Masters Season 1 (December of 2019), in which they claimed an impressive 25th place finish. From there, IgniFriend has continued to claim strong ladder finishes, ending up in the Top 64 twice while missing out by only a few places during the other two seasons. Such efforts have resulted in IgniFriend gathering 58 Crown Points, tops among the members of SLG.


Another player who fits in the category of a “returnee” to the Gwent competitive scene is the next member of SLG: Cilach28. Dating back to Gwent Masters Season 1, Cilach had a trifecta of Top 20 ladder finishes (Seasons 13-15) before dropping off the radar slightly for a time. After returning for Gwent Masters Season 2, Cilach has improved upon each successive ladder finish, culminating in a 30th place finish in the Season of the Elf. These results have claimed 37 Crown Points for Cilach, who can sometimes be found streaming his games (in Russian and English) on his Twitch channel.


One of the newer players involved in the tournament, Ethree first reached Pro Rank in the final season of Gwent Masters Season 1. From there, he has improved in each season, securing his first Top 64 finish in the Season of Love. Since that point, he has secured Top 64 in each season. Known for utilizing a wide variety of unique decks often disregarded as uncompetitive by other players, Ethree can often be seen providing a first-hand look at his gameplay (in Russian) on his Twitch channel. In total during Gwent Masters Season 2, Ethree has collected 44 Crown Points.


The final member completing the roster of our qualifier champions is p_star. Known primarily as a streamer, p_star can be found broadcasting his games (in Russian) most days on his Twitch channel. Aside from streaming, though, p_star has demonstrated some real competitive acumen in Gwent as well. In each season of Gwent Masters Season 2, he has maintained at least a Top 200 finish, while also serving an integral role in SLG’s qualification for the Team Clash by finishing with a 2-0 record. All these results have netted p_star a total of 19 Crown Points during Gwent Masters Season 2.

Team Aretuza - Captain: Santtu2x

Rounding out the Group B participants are the hosts of the Team Clash, Team Aretuza. With an impressive roster of established Gwent stars, it is no surprise that Team Aretuza comes in 2nd place among Team Clash participants with a total of 300 Crown Points.


Team Aretuza’s captain, Santtu2x, is a name that is well-known in the competitive scene, but perhaps not as well as it should have been. Santtu is one of the most consistent players in online qualifiers (in particular the Swiss stages) and in community tournaments. Until recently, he had narrowly missed out on his big break of qualifying for a Gwent Masters event on several occasions. His closest encounter came in the qualifiers for Gwent Open #7, in which he dropped close series in both the winner’s and loser’s finals to miss out on qualification in heartbreaking fashion. Redemption finally came 3 months ago, when he claimed the second qualification spot to Gwent Open #1 by winning the lower bracket finals over fellow Team Clash competitor Iluxa228 in a closely contested 3-2 series. His efforts in Season 2 of Gwent Masters have resulted in collecting 32 Crown Points and the aforementioned qualification to Gwent Open #1.


Kolemoen is one of the legendary names in the Gwent community, with arguably the longest list of achievements of any player. In terms of accolades, he is a eight-time participant in Gwent Masters events, winning Gwent Open #6 (Gwent Masters Season 1) and finishing as a runner up on two different occasions. He will also be a participant in Gwent World Masters #1 when it is finally hosted. In Gwent Masters Season 2, he has already claimed first place on the leaderboard in the Season of the Wolf and won the very first online qualifier to claim his spot in the upcoming Gwent Open #1. On top of these, Kolemoen has collected 94 Crown Points, good enough for 7th place on the leaderboard.


Another of Gwent’s biggest historical stars, Adzikov has brought his best to recent Gwent seasons. Tracking all the way back to the beginning of Gwent’s Pro Rank, we can see that it was Adzik who won the inaugural 2 Pro Rank seasons...but he didn’t stop there. In total, has participated in a total of 7 Gwent Masters events, finishing as a runner up twice. He will also join Kolemoen as a participant of Gwent World Masters #1 when it is hosted. Since the inception of Gwent Homecoming, Adzik’s best result in Gwent Masters Events was a semifinal finish in Gwent Challenger #5, losing only to teammate and finalist Damorquis. In the whole of Gwent Masters Season 2, Adzik has finished as a Top 16 placer on 3 occasions and has accrued a total of 88 Crown Points, which puts him in 9th place on the leaderboard.


Completing the Team Aretuza roster is none other than Redrame. He is yet another classic Gwent professional, achieving front page (Top 20) Pro Rank finishes as early as the very first season of Pro Rank in September of 2017. Although he had a hiatus during the “downtime” between Gwent Masters Seasons 1 and 2, he has returned with a vengeance in recent months. He has finished in the Top 16 in all but one season and he has a solid excuse for that one absence. During that season, Redrame was the champion of the online qualifier for Gwent Open #2, making him ineligible to participate in further qualifiers for the event anyway. In total during Gwent Masters Season 2, Redrame has gathered 86 Crown Points (10th place on the leaderboard). In addition to climbing the ladder and conquering tournaments, you can find Redrame constantly testing new homebrews on his stream.




JMJWilson made his first forray into the world of CCG's with Gwent and has been hooked ever since. Since July 2018, he has competed in the game's Pro Rank scene and has participated in most online qualifiers since the official release of Gwent. Wilson serves as a content creator for Aretuza, especially focusing on the monthly Meta Snapshot and the Aretuza Academy projects. He seeks to bring the same analytical mindset to content creation as he does to his own gameplay with the goal of improving others' gameplay experience in whatever way is possible. With the implementation of Gwent Masters Season 2, Wilson aspires to continue his trend of being a consistent competitor in Gwent Masters qualifiers while also remaining committed to coverage of the game's highest level of competition.

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