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Damorquis qualified for three consecutive Gwent Opens and holds the title of Gwent Challenger #4 champion and Challenger #5 runner up. His passion for The Witcher universe and his real-life knowledge of behavioral economics helped him develop Team Aretuza, the strongest Gwent esports team in the world. Currently he focuses a career in management consulting and will compete in Gwent's biggest tournament so far Gwent Masters in 2021. His extensive tournament preparation often results in ambitious, innovative decks that catch even the best opponents by surprise, and his highly disciplined approach to gaming, always looking for mistakes and areas to improve, provides his unique edge against the competition.

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Welcome to our ninth Aretuza Report. 

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After Part 1 of our Homecoming Spotlight interviews, Part 2 covers some of the most impactful non-NA players in Gwent who have proven their excellent…

Generation H: New Talents in Gwent (NA) Game Icon

By Damorquis, October 1, 2019


The implementation of Homecoming changed the player landscape significantly. Which streamers emerged? Which content creators are standing behind the…

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By Damorquis, August 14, 2019


Two weeks ago, Team Aretuza hosted our first Gwent LAN event in Warsaw, the Thanedd Cøup. We’d like to share a look back over the experiences of a…

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By multiple authors, May 6, 2020

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