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Driftbling is a streamer, content creator, and former competitive team manager. He also produces original music, DJs, and is a part owner of an Escape Room business. He first fell in love with video games as a child playing Sonic on a Sega Megadrive that he still owns. He grew up playing Pokemon and so naturally fell into competitive draft leagues. Having won his fair share of these he found his way into Gwent around the infamous midwinter patch, where he was confused as to why his deck with the funniest voice lines (dwarves) was consistently not receiving ggs. While not without a competitive edge of his own, he has always found great fulfilment in helping others, and so one of his greatest joys in Gwent is helping other players from the very best competitive players to new players playing for the first time. He aims to keep his streams a mixture of cutting humour and pertinent game analysis, with his main goal being to entertain his chat. You can often see him in co op streams with friends or chat's real favourite Driftmum.

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By Driftbling, July 11, 2021

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