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Returning Player FAQ Game Icon

By Easha Dustfeather, September 20, 2019


Are you a returning Gwent player, or do you know someone who’s just come back (or might need a little convincing)? With Easha Dustfeather’s new guide…

Update: Gwent's User Interface Game Icon

By Easha Dustfeather, August 25, 2019


Easha Dustfeather of the Lodge of Sorceresses is back with an update to her User Interface guide for Gwent! The article covers the current game…

The Starter Decks: How to Play and Improve Them Game Icon

By Easha Dustfeather, July 19, 2019


Our Aretuza Academy lesson on the Starter Decks is completed! Easha Dustfeather updated the lesson with her guides for both Northern Realms and…

The Starter Decks (Monsters + Nilfgaard) Game Icon

By Easha Dustfeather, June 19, 2019


Straight off the back of her guide to playing and improving the Scoia’tael starter deck, Easha Dustfeather now brings you guides for both Monsters…

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