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GwenTalk Episode 7 with Jaggerous and AndyWand | Hosted by… Game Icon

By Team Aretuza, September 6, 2018


GwentTalk episode 7 is all about Challenger 4 and the homecoming video that was shown there. Apero is back as host with Crozyr beside her as Co-host,…

GwenTalk Episode 5 with Henno and Damorquis | Hosted by… Game Icon

By Team Aretuza, August 9, 2018


GwenTalk Episode 5 is all about Team Aretuza as it celebrates its 1 year anniversary. Guests today are managers Henno and Damorquis. And this episode…

GwenTalk Episode 4 with Burza and Ammers | Hosted by Apero… Game Icon

By Team Aretuza, July 25, 2018


Episode 4 of GwenTalk featuring CDPR’s community manager Pawel Burza and Lodge of soceresses founder Ammers.

GwenTalk Episode 3 with Vladimir and Freddybabes | Hosted… Game Icon

By Team Aretuza, July 11, 2018


Episode 3 of GwenTalk featuring CDPR's Esports manager Vladimir and player/streamer FreddyBabes

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