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Zade is a recent enthusiast of Gwent, who only started to seriously play the game at the start of 2019. Coming off years of daily Hearthstone, he was no stranger to the world of online card games, and Gwent’s presentation, lore, and narrative base from The Witcher 3 were easily enough to pull him away! Zade began streaming around the same time, so it was the perfect opportunity to learn the game, be productive, and start to build a community. In April of 2019, he had the opportunity to take a shot at making online content creation his full-time job, and Gwent is at the forefront of that endeavour – as well as being backed by a couple of YouTube channels, and freelance media work. Zade focuses on having fun with the stream and Gwent above all else, so don’t be surprised to see him playing less than competitive decks if he’s having a good time with it! Zade has multiple Pro Rank finishes under his belt, and loves being able to help out new players looking to learn the game.

Latest Articles

Deck Guide: Sharp Teeth Game Icon

By Zade, October 24, 2019


Fancy putting the fear of death in the eyes of your opponent? Then consider Vampires; the premiere purveyors of petrifying power.

Deck Guide: Heavy Hitters Game Icon

By Zade, September 18, 2019


Zade is back with another deck guide! This time: Skellige, led by Eist Tuirseach.

Deck Guide: Dwarven Might (Updated Francesca Dwarves) Game Icon

By Zade, September 7, 2019


Looking to play some dorfs? Zade has updated shinmiri2's original Francesca Dwarves guide to be in line with Patch 3.2, including a brand-new video…

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