John Dale Beety

"Professional hobbyist" lordgort makes his money helping others enjoy their leisure, whether as an auction catalog writer, copy editor for a Magic: The Gathering strategy site, or game show contestant (lifetime winnings: $5000). A Magic columnist for seven years, in 2018 he turned to Gwent, swiftly reaching the Pro ranks. Off the clock, he relaxes by writing and editing Gwent articles and contributing to Aretuza Academy. A longtime game show fanatic, he appeared on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire in 2018.

Lorraine Wilson

Lothari is a long-time fan of CCGs, building up a wealth of experience in Hearthstone, MTG, TESL, Artifact and of course Gwent, which she has been playing since the end of Closed Beta. She always aspires to improve and learn more about what has come to be one of her favourite pass-times. She has also found a passion in creating content for Gwent, and will continue to do so with a passionate and analytical outlook for Team Aretuza. Lothari has a BA in Computing and German and spent four years working as a game developer.

Website Administrator

Jeremy Wilson

JMJWilson is a 22-year-old engineering student from the United States. He got his start in Gwent in June 2017 after playing through The Witcher 3, and despite having no background in CCGs, he was hooked from the start. He began playing competitively on Pro Rank in July 2018 and since has sought to improve his ladder finish every season, with the eventual goal of consistently finishing in the Top 20. He tries to take the same analytical approach into content creation, focusing on the competitive scene and providing insight from his own and others' experiences.

Yiran Lin

Argeiphontes is a long-time card game player starting with Magic: The Gathering over a decade ago. In that time, he has played Magic, Hearthstone, Eternal, and of course Gwent at a competitive level at varying points in time. With a Top 3 finish at Wild Hunt 2 and consistent Top 100 Pro Ladder finishes, he hopes to continue improving at the top level of the game. While Argeiphontes will continue streaming and sharpening his competitive skills, his main focus on the team will be producing educational content, with a focus on deep diving core Gwent gameplay concepts. He looks forward to growing with the team and the game.

Graphic Designer

Eliška Hanáčková

Elis is a graphic designer in her early 20s, hailing from the Czech Republic. She graduated with a degree in Graphics and Art and has been involved in art and design since her childhood. A coincidence led her to the Witcher saga, and the Witcher saga led her to Gwent, and what she might lack in experience, she compensates for with passion for playing and learning the game. Within the team, she aims to create a visual presence that is united, branded and very much "Aretuza".

Aaron Koch

An actuary by day, unrepentant roper by night, and the Gwent Wild Hunt #2 LAN Champion, Kochua brings a highly quantitative and analytical approach to competitive games. He discovered Gwent in October 2017 and was an instant convert, won over by the game's complexity and depth of strategy. During 2018, he compiled several top-50 Pro Ladder finishes in addition to winning Wild Hunt #2. In 2019, Kochua took a brief detour into Magic the Gathering: Arena, earning a bid in a Mythic Championship Qualifier Weekend before finally making the move to Dota Underlords. Kochua provides the team with editorial support, with a goal of making Aretuza the leading source of competitive Gwent and Underlords content. He also helps the team in its constant search for an analytical edge, and in the meantime tries some of his crazier theories out on the Underlords ladder as a Lord of White Spire.

Nate Coley

Mortheous has been playing CCG'S since finding Magic: The Gathering in middle school. After playing the Witcher 3 Gwent he had been excited about its standalone release and has been playing since the tail end of closed beta. Mortheous has a degree in Music Industry which allows him a unique outlook on the technical side of content creation.


BobbyKazoole is a casual and analytical gamer, who plays games for fun, but looks at the gameplay critically and with a quantitative eye. Gwent caught his attention because it was so different from other card games, bringing with it a set of strategies and a way of thinking entirely of its own. Seemingly simpler than all other card games because cards only have one stat and no mana cost, it turned out to be remarkably complex and a bottomless pit of depth and insights. Bobby has always loved expressing ideas through articles, and the fact that making content improves the game experience for so many people is an amazing added bonus. With Team Aretuza, he wants to do just that: Make analytical content to inform people and help them see the complex networks of interactions behind every game of Gwent.