GwenTalk Episode 7 with Jaggerous and AndyWand | Hosted by… Game Icon

By Team Aretuza, September 6, 2018


GwentTalk episode 7 is all about Challenger 4 and the homecoming video that was shown there. Apero is back as host with Crozyr beside her as Co-host,…

GwenTalk Episode 5 with Henno and Damorquis | Hosted by… Game Icon

By Team Aretuza, August 9, 2018


GwenTalk Episode 5 is all about Team Aretuza as it celebrates its 1 year anniversary. Guests today are managers Henno and Damorquis. And this episode…

GwenTalk Episode 4 with Burza and Ammers | Hosted by Apero… Game Icon

By Team Aretuza, July 25, 2018


Episode 4 of GwenTalk featuring CDPR’s community manager Pawel Burza and Lodge of soceresses founder Ammers.

GwenTalk Episode 3 with Vladimir and Freddybabes | Hosted… Game Icon

By Team Aretuza, July 11, 2018


Episode 3 of GwenTalk featuring CDPR's Esports manager Vladimir and player/streamer FreddyBabes

AndyWand Pre Gwent Open 5 interview Game Icon

By Team Aretuza, May 19, 2018


With Gwent Open 5 AndyWand makes a comeback to the competitive Gwent scene since GwentSlam 2. Armavel44 interviewed AndyWand about the road to Open,…

Team Aretuza Interview with Adzikov: GWENT Challenger #3… Game Icon

By Team Aretuza, May 11, 2018


Team Aretuza caught up with Andrzej “Adzikov” Bal, one of the most prominent competitive players in GWENT’s short history, following up on his…

Meta Snapshot #1 Game Icon

By Team Aretuza, April 26, 2018


This Meta Snapshot, created by Team Aretuza and Team Nova, attempts to establish the best decks to play in Pro Ladder and Ranked Ladder, given the…