Aretuza Report # 13 Game Icon

By Luis, September 3, 2020

Welcome to the thirteenth Aretuza Report. This week we welcome two new members to the team, and chat with Tournaments and Events Manager Phoenix…

Aretuza Report # 11 Game Icon

By Luis, August 19, 2020

Welcome to the eleventh Aretuza report. This report covers decks for week 3 of the Journey, team membership, and an interview with Apero. 

Aretuza Report # 9: Interview with CDPR's ThorSerpent Game Icon

By multiple authors, August 3, 2020


Welcome to our ninth Aretuza Report. 

Aretuza Report # 8 Game Icon

By Luis, July 28, 2020


Welcome to our eighth Aretuza Report. 

Spring Team Clash - Qualifier Recap and Decklist Statistics Game Icon

By Kochua, May 11, 2020


This weekend, Team Aretuza hosted open qualifiers for the Spring Team Clash. Many organized teams and community teams showed up to try and fight…

Merchants of Ofir: Card Analysis Game Icon

By Jamedi, December 13, 2019


Our guest writer Jamedi, from Team Nova, analyses the new expansion card by card and gives his prediction on how all the new cards will impact Gwent…

Generation H: New Talents in Gwent (EU) Game Icon

By Damorquis, October 30, 2019


After Part 1 of our Homecoming Spotlight interviews, Part 2 covers some of the most impactful non-NA players in Gwent who have proven their excellent…

Thanedd Cøup: A Look Back Game Icon

By Damorquis, August 14, 2019


Two weeks ago, Team Aretuza hosted our first Gwent LAN event in Warsaw, the Thanedd Cøup. We’d like to share a look back over the experiences of a…

Novigrad Expansion: Card Breakdown Game Icon

By Argeiphontes, July 29, 2019


A couple weeks into the expansion and one hotfix later, we are getting a clearer picture of the new Syndicate faction. Join Argeiphontes and Jamedi…

Tournament Recap - Wild Hunt 2 LAN, Philadelphia Game Icon

By Kochua, June 25, 2018


The second edition of Wild Hunt, the premier North American Gwent LAN tournament, was held on June 16th-17th. I attended WH2 and – after a long,…