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A mechanic or status specifically defined in-game.

A keyword is specifically defined in-game to make it clear what a card does and how it works. If a mechanic or status is attached to a keyword, that keyword will appear on all cards sharing the mechanic or status so that a player may easily search for them in the Deck Builder and understand patterns and synergies between cards. Keywords are recognisable as written in red on a card’s description and briefly described below it.

The mechanic keywords currently defined in Gwent are: AmbushAssimilate, Banish, Berserk, Bloodthirst, Bonded, Charge, Consume, Cooldown, Create, Deathblow, Deathwish, Deploy, Discard, Dominance, Drain, Duel, Formation, Harmony, Heal, Melee, Order, Purify, Ranged, Reach, Reset, Reveal, Seize, Spawn, Summon, Thrive and Zeal.

The status keywords currently defined in Gwent are: Bleeding, Doomed, Immune, Lock, Poison, Resilience, Shield, Spying and Vitality.