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This glossary was compiled, written, and edited by Lothari and SwanDive with the help of these amazing people: Damorquis, Danman233, Green Cricket, Gvuardya, Gwent2town, ImpairedTuxedo, Kai_a, lordgort, Molegion, Santtu2x and shinmiri2.

Special thanks to Gnurrgard for inspiring this project by sharing his knowledge on CCG theory and giving us continued feedback.

A keyword and  card mechanic that changes a card’s ability depending on whether playing it was the player’s first action that turn or not.

Initiative abilities only proc if the card with this keyword was played as the very first action that turn. If the player uses a tutor to play such card, or if they use any order (including leader) abilities beforehand, the Initiative ability will no longer be available.

This keyword was introduced as a way of balancing cards that benefit from 1-turn setup with leader or order abilities, such as Scorch or Regis, and specifically as a way to nerf Geralt: Igni after extensive community feedback regarding this card.



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