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This glossary was compiled, written, and edited by Lothari and SwanDive with the help of these amazing people: Damorquis, Danman233, Green Cricket, Gvuardya, Gwent2town, ImpairedTuxedo, Kai_a, lordgort, Molegion, Santtu2x and shinmiri2.

Special thanks to Gnurrgard for inspiring this project by sharing his knowledge on CCG theory and giving us continued feedback.

A keyword and card mechanic that boosts a unit by 1 or specified amount when a Scoia’tael unit with a unique primary category is played.

For the sake of Harmony, a Scoia’tael unit is any unit printed belonging to the Scoia’tael faction, and a unique primary category refers to the first tag printed on that card. For example, Dryad Ranger will proc its Harmony effect when any Elf is played onto the board for the first time. Unless that Elf is removed from the board, when another Elf is played, Harmony will not proc again.




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