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By Lothari, August 7, 2019

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One-stop access to all the information you'll need about Team Aretuza's Aretuza Open Cup!

Aretuza Open Cup

Come one, come all to the Aretuza Open Cup!

This weekend, we are hosting our qualifier round for the Gwent European Cup’s online qualifiers in October! Over the course of two days from August 10th at 14:00 CEST, all players are welcome to be put through their paces in a number of gruelling Swiss rounds followed by a double-elimination bracket that will see the top three players automatically qualify for the GEC’s first round, with points distributed among the players to see who will join them.

As an additional prize for making it to the Top 3, you'll get some in-game resources to use!

  • 1st place will receive 1200 meteorite powder and 15 card kegs
  • 2nd place will receive 800 meteorite powder and 10 card kegs
  • 3rd place will receive 400 meteorite powder and 5 card kegs.

All the information can be found right here

You can sign yourself up to the tournament here!

On the Challonge page, you can also find a copy of the ruleset and all the information on when the tournament will take place.

So if you feel you are up to the challenge, sign up now! We hope to see you there!




Lothari is a long-time fan of CCGs, building up a wealth of experience in Hearthstone, MTG, TESL, Artifact and of course Gwent, which she has been playing since the end of Closed Beta. She always aspires to improve and learn more about what has come to be one of her favourite pass-times. She has also found a passion in creating content for Gwent, and will continue to do so with a passionate and analytical outlook for Team Aretuza. Lothari has a BA in Computing and German and spent four years working as a game developer.

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