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By SwanDive, September 25, 2019

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Though he's been present at every single official Gwent Masters tournament, and certainly never lacks something to say over the course of a tournament weekend, we've never had much of a chance to catch McBeard’s view on events outside of the commentary chair. That is, until now. During the run up to Gwent Challenger #5, Team Aretuza's Lothari, RyanGodric and Elis found some time to chat with the legendary caster about the journey he's taken with Gwent as an esport, the stand out moments from the Gwent Masters season so far and much more...

Aretuza Insight: Interview with McBeard



You can follow McBeard on Twitch and Twitter.


Editing: RyanGodric; PR: Lothari, Callonetta; Website: SwanDive.




As a big fan of the Witcher franchise, SwanDive is always on the lookout for her next Witcher fix. She started playing Gwent in the Closed Beta for the lore – and stayed for the game and the community. Long an avid gamer, Swan found her passion for CCGs and competitive gaming at the Gwent table. Away from it, Swan is studying for her Master’s degree in English and worked as content manager for Team Aretuza.

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