Working on the Gwent Masters circuit since Gwent Open 2, first alongside Merchant and now teamed with Jaggerous, ImpetuousPanda has racked up a wealth of esports casting experience not just in Gwent but in a number of different video games after the last couple of years. Before Gwent Challenger #5 began, on Saturday morning, Panda managed to find the time to talk to Team Aretuza’s RyanGodric, Lothari and Elis about past challengers, the world of professional esports casting and the future of Gwent as an esport.


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5 Gwent Challengers, 5 different entrants into Gwent World Masters as Magpie131 stood victorious in Warsaw as Gwent Challenger #5 winner, taking everyone by surprise with his cheeky smile and excellent tournament Gwent gameplay. As celebrations got underway after his epic win in Warsaw, Magpie131 was gracious enough to sit down with Team Aretuza’s RyanGodric, Lothari and Elis to talk about his tournament strategy, how it feels to be a Challenger winner and what he might do with his $62,000 winnings...



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Editing: Zade, RyanGodric; PR: LothariCallonetta; Website: SwanDive.